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Nagpur: The Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) plan to create 75 pay and park zones across the city is set to get delayed, as it did not involve the traffic police while finalizing the parking zones. The differences between the two agencies surfaced recently when NMC approached the office of DCP (traffic) for permissions.
“On May 23, NMC approached the traffic police office, asking them to issue a notification declaring street parking at 10 places across the city. But the traffic police are yet to issue any notification, ”said sources. DCP (traffic) Sarang Awad was not available for comments.
Sources said the Nagpur traffic police has to conduct a thorough study through its 10 traffic zones on the proposed street parking zones, keeping in mind the increasing vehicular traffic on city roads and any infra works, like construction of new flyovers and Metro Rail routes etc.
Sources said NMC ignored a major stakeholder ie traffic police. “No consideration was given to problems such as hawking zones, traffic congestion, infrastructure works like construction of flyovers etc while deciding on street parking zones,” they said.
According to the traffic cops, most of the parking zones identified for on-street parking schemes by NMC were on busy roads and hence, as per their preliminary observations, are not feasible. “By allowing parking on busy roads, traffic would be badly affected.”
“Of the 10 zones, many are already narrow due to infrastructure works of flyovers and Metro Rail,” pointed out senior traffic police inspectors.
Citing an example, traffic cops said the stretch between Telephone Exchange Square to Chhapru Nagar square, and Dhantoli zone square to Congress Nagar T-point have already been squeezed due to Metro pillars. Allowing pay and park will further shrink the road width, they pointed out.
However, the stretches like Indora Square to Kamal Chowk and Bole Petrol Pump square to Law College Square too were not feasible as there is a proposal to construct flyovers. Pillars of flyovers will narrow down the existing roads, pointed out traffic cops deployed across the city.
“Declaring them as parking zones will create more congestion,” said traffic activists.
However, traffic police were quick to point out that the move will definitely curtail haphazard on-street parking on stretches like Laxmi Bhawan Square to Ram Nagar, from Medical College Square to Kamgar Building Square, and from Medical College Square to Krida Square.
Bhajimandi Chowk to Orange City Hospital Chowk; Laxmi Bhawan Square to Ram Nagar Rotary; Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh (PDKV) Square to VCA Stadium Chowk; Dhantoli Zone Square to Congress Nagar T-Point; Telephone Exchange Square to Chhapru Nagar Square; Jagnade Square to Telephone Exchange Square; Bole Petrol Pump to Law College Square; Medical Square to Kamgar Building Square (Baidyanath Square); Indora Square to Kamal Chowk; Medical Square to Krida Square)


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