Non-Traditional Global Consulting Firm Assuras Expanding Across Europe, Africa, Asia

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Non-Traditional Global Consulting Firm Assuras Expanding Across Europe, Africa, Asia

Published on May 11, 2022

After the world wide pandemic set in, many businesses found that the way they previously did things no longer were viable. Yet today, the economic landscape has changed dramatically. Remote workers. Mask mandates. Supply chain shortages. All these challenges bring the need to innovate to survive, and when there’s so much change happening at once, it’s difficult for people to adapt.

An American Consulting Firm (Assuras) is adept at navigating the complexities of international organization in light of the recent pandemic. With offices internationally, this company has been successful when it comes to delivering peace of mind to their clients. Traditional practices aren’t their thing and this consulting firm instead tailors each individual project to suit the needs of the client at hand. In order to do so effectively, they work from the ground up without forgetting about managerial input – proving that there’s more than one way to deal with a problem when it seems impossible.

In recent months, Assuras has seen an increase in business from its clients in both Africa and India. In order to meet these demands, they have begun pulling more of their US talent overseas to work on high priority projects. Recently, a Kenyan client thanked them for providing such valuable service during this difficult time period where many people had been economically disadvantaged. With the help of Assuras, they were able to come up with a plan to make policy makers think again about what it means for everyone else besides themselves.

Assuras has not only been busy working with multinational corporations in the eastern hemisphere; They’ve also consulted with various state and municipal governments around the world. One of these is India – where they helped advise legislation that would make it easier for foreign investors to place capital in investment within the country.

Singapore, a nation known for being at the forefront of international business development has recently sought out Assuras for help. To increase trust and unity between private enterprises, the country was seeking a consultancy who would be willing to develop programs that focus on business development in order to create an ecosystem which promotes sustainable growth.

What is most intriguing about this organization is that they are not led by their original founder, who was recently charged with computer hacking. In 2019, he was convicted of accessing a protected computer system; a violation he claims wasn’t his fault and has since spent time helping others through an NGO called A Voice From Prison. The company wishes to bring back their former head executive after his sentence is complete, as he originally helped make the company successful through his unconventional methodologies.

Today, Assuras continues to grow rapidly in size due to their high demand for services from international clients. They employ workers of different nationalities who are trained according to their work style and ways of approaching projects; they are also leading pioneers of innovative practices across various sectors. They’ve made huge waves in various industries, but we are excited to see the results pay off over the long term here at home.

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