Nueva funcion para que nadie vea cuando te sell de un grupo

According to a specialized web site WhatsAppthe messaging app will have one new function which will allow you to check which members have formed part of this group conversation previously. This information will appear in the information page that is included in the chat.

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Currently, the possibility to see who has formed part of a group is available in the beta version WhatsApp para iOS and Android, but it is probable that this function and other will be available in the next few weeks.

La new function of the groups of WhatsApp, consists of being able to exit a chat in a silent manner, without a notice appearing in the conversation. The possibility to see who has formed part of a group previously, is found in the information page of the group WhatsApp, in the section of participants. There, there will be a new button called ‘View previous participants’, with which you can see a list of contacts who have previously been in this chat, but have definitely left the chat.

El sitio web especializad en WhatsApp Make sure that only those contacts who have abandoned the group before 60 days will be in the list. After this period of time, the user will not appear in the list. This option will be available for all people who are part of a WhatsApp group, and not only for administrators.

Finally, only administrators will be able to see who has left the group through a notice that will appear between messages.

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