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The gastronomic diversification of Puerto Morelos has allowed them to place themselves in the taste of diners at an international level, with options for all pockets and quality in each dish, including one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America is in this municipality, said representatives of the restaurant sector and of the local government.

“One of the best restaurants in Mexico and one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America is in Puerto Morelos and 747 people paid for a plane ticket last year exclusively to comer there, to dine in Le Chique, so that means there is a enormous potential for gastronomic tourism”, exemplified Marcy Bezaleel Pacheco, president of the National Chamber of Restaurant and Condiment Industry (Canirac) Quintana Roo.

The Le Chique restaurant is located inside the hotel Azul Beach Resort Riviera Cancún. It is available for locals and guests of the hospitality center prior to reservation, which can be done online in the official portal. It has a tasting menu that costs 150 dollars for outsiders and 110 dollars for guests. Open from Monday to Saturday, from 18 to 21 hours.

In addition to this restaurant, in the port, both in the tourist area and on the side of the town, there is an important variety of kitchens, at all levels of costs, from the designer dishes to the marquesitas of the port, which have been around for more than 30 years en ese punto, pero aseguraron que no porque sea un lugar económico el producto es malo, simplymente hay opciones para todos.

The declarations of the president of Canirac Quintana Roo took place during the presentation of Open House, a gastronomic festival that will be held next February 15 at The Fives Oceanfront hotel in Puerto Morelos with the participation of at least 10 restaurants, which will present two platillos and two cocktails each, y en donde expect around 350 people.

Until now they have counted with an excellent response, al tener 50 per ciento vendido y lo que busca este evento precisely es contributari al fortificamiento del turismo gastronómico en ese municipality. The boletos are available here.

Al respecto Javier Ovalle, restauranteur de Puerto Morelos, coincidió que especially due to the pandemic muchos iniciaron negocios propios y hoy se pueden encontrar restaurants de alto poder acquisitivo, pero también de media gama, con opciones muy attractivas en todo el municipio.

“El extranjero en general, me atrevo a decir que 60 por ciento que iba solamente al puerto, hoy desayuna, come o cena en el lado de la colonia, lo que ha ayudado mucho a la economía del otro lado de la turistica zone”, he shared during the Open House announcement.

80 per cent of the visitors who come to the municipality go out to do some activity, regardless of where they stay, from nautical to gastronomic, in the Ruta de los Cenotes or walking in the central park and recurring the artisan stands.

“Ya hay una culture por salir y comer en Puerto Morelos, what I want to celebrate more is that a hotel that tiene su todo incluido is inviting its own guests to go out and consume the gastronomy of the place, I hope that it is a partaguas y se replique en todo Quintana Roo”, indicated Miguel Cámara Ruiz, head of Tourism in the municipality of Puerto Morelos.

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