Perfectly Preserved Midcentury Modern Masterpiece Sells Quickly

Time stands still in one Salina, KS, house, but offers for it came in quickly.

The midcentury modern time capsule came up for sale for the first time—and for an affordable price of $325,000.

After just two weeks on the market, the perfectly preserved property had soared to the No. 1 spot among the most popular home listings on®.

This custom-built gem also got a lot of love on the web and is now pending sale.

Interior spaces

(Garett Gabriel)

Sunken living room

(Garett Gabriel)

“I knew the house existed and I knew it was very unique, but I had no idea. The first time I went into it, it literally took my breath away,” says the listing agent Mike Paynewith SalinaHomes.Com.

“It was almost sensory overload,” adds Payne. “Literally, in my mind, I could imagine a Sinatra song playing and I should be here with a martini in my hand and wearing a skinny tie. It just took me back many, many years.”


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Open floor plan

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The ’50s-era abode is secluded and surrounded by trees on a 2-acre lot. Highlights include slate floors, expansive windows, a curved fireplace, sunken areas, and a rooftop studio, the listing notes.

Architect Robert Batt and his wife MaryEllenbuilt the home for themselves in 1958. It is 2,466 square feet with a round kitchen, and almost everything is original and working, down to the HVAC.

“Pretty much the only thing that had changed was there was a new refrigerator, a new dishwasher, and a new water heater,” Payne says. “You open up the oven and it’s spotless. The two-burner stove is working. The hood is working. It’s so unbelievably original.”

The couple never had children and lived in the home with their dogs, so there is one true bedroom. A loft area and a room that is currently a game room could be converted to bedrooms.

Robert passed away in 2012, and MaryEllen died earlier this year.

Game room



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Payne says the home needs a bit of deferred maintenance and some landscaping work.

Side yard

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Slate flooring

(Garett Gabriel)

“The amount of attention that it has gotten has totally blown me away,” Payne says. “For the people who are midcentury geeks, it was an amazing experience. People called from all over the world to see it.”

He did 15 FaceTime showings, and many people flew in to see it in person. Within a few days, Payne had six offers.

“We were going to be flexible on [the furnishings], but they ended up selling with the house, which was our hope.” Payne says. “I’ve always been a huge midcentury modern fan. That era of home has always intrigued me. [This home] was unlike anything I had ever seen.”


(Garett Gabriel)

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