Playing hardball can soften the blow of shopping online

In relationships, we are often told to play hard to get but the same can be said for shopping. It can often be the case that you will get offered discounts by companies if you play hardball. On some shopping sites if you log into your account and add items to your shopping cart, and leave before making a purchase you may be sent a reminder after a few days with a discount code to encourage you to come back and complete your purchase. It can be handy if you are not in a rush to buy the items. It is the same for subscriptions. If you say you would like to cancel a subscription the company will often offer you a good discount to keep you subscribed to their service.

Harty’s bar and restaurant in Cloyne

Sinéad Hegarty would like to nominate Harty’s bar and restaurant in Cloyne for Champ of the Week. Sinéad said that her family recently discovered Harty’s following a recommendation from a friend. Harty’s has been open for many years on Church Street in Cloyne and is very popular for Sunday lunch and Friday night tapas. Sinéad said that the staff couldn’t have been nicer when she visited recently. In an era of rising prices, Sinéad felt the price of her meal was extremely reasonable. The food, she said, was “absolutely delicious” and there was great variety on the menu for adults and children to choose from. The food was so nice that Sinéad and her family returned the next night for the tapas menu. She gave a special mention to the bread and butter pudding, which she said was “the best she ever had”.


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