Pokémon GO Finally Re-Enables Weather VFX After 5 Months

Pokémon GO disabled weather-related visual effects in December of last year, but this immersive feature is finally making its grand return.

Niantic Developer has brought weather-related visual effects back to Pokémon GO following the feature’s removal last year. The mobile alternate reality game lets you explore their actual neighborhoods in order to find, battle and collect digital pocket monsters. The game used to accurately reflect the area’s real-world weather conditions, which inspired the Pokémon GO Weather Week event back in March 2021, but this feature was sadly removed in December of last year.

Of the alternate reality game, Pokémon GO strives to get gamers out of the house by transforming their surroundings into a Pokémon habitat. The game’s map is a geographical representation of the player’s community, allowing pocket monsters to appear in parks, on sidewalks or other public areas. PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms are also important parts of the game, with PokéStops attracting Pokémon and Gyms letting players face off in online battles. Pokémon GO places PokéStops and Gyms at real-world landmarks like libraries or parks, increasing immersion and creating a sense of community. In-game events, like the Pokémon GO Weather Week Rayquaza Raid, also help make the game an ever-evolving experience.


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After the feature was disabled in December 2021, Niantic Support (via Twitter) has announced that weather-related visual effects are returning to Pokémon GO. The immersive VFX were probably causing a bug last year, so they were temporarily removed while the developer investigated the issue. Gamers never expected the fix to take five months, but now players can see the local weather on their in-game map. The weather effects are purely visual, but they are going to make the alternate reality experience more convincing. Pokémon GO players must restart the app to reenable weather VFX.

Alongside the removal of weather effects, a Pokémon GO controversy timeline illustrates how the game’s reputation has degraded since launch. The AR game has been viewed by many players, but has had significant backlash over the years. Many in-game events require tickets to participate, and the quality of the event is not always matched. The removal of bonuses implemented during the COVID-19 lockdown even led to a boycott called “Pokémon NO Day,” which elicited the apology from Niantic.

While removing weather due to a bug is understandable, Pokémon GO mysteriously lacking this basic feature for the last five months. However, weather-related visual effects have finally made their way back into the game, allowing players to become fully immersed in the alternate reality experience. Players just need to restart the Pokémon GO app to enable weather effects, and they should be sure to keep Pikachu out of the rain if possible.

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Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.

Source: Niantic Support / Twitter

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