Presidente de Toyota Sales en México, Tom Sullivan, announces his retirement

Tom Sullivan will retire from the office of president Toyota Motor Sales in Mexico y de Lexus a partir de primero de abril próximo.

The Japanese company informed that the replacement of the current president will be announced at the latest on the first of March Toyota Motor Salesluego de que por 35 años formó parte de la automotriz.

Among its most significant achievements are positioning the company in the fourth place of sales in Mexico, thus paving the way for an electrified future by converting a Toyota The brand with the most hybrid vehicles sold in the country.

“Tomar las reendas como presidente de Toyota Motor Sales de México Almost nine years ago, it was one of the greatest satisfactions in my professional life. I am delighted to be able to bring the company to the place it is today, but the most important thing is to collaborate with a great team of professionals who every day committed to write another page in the history of the company in this great country. ganándose la confianza del pueblo mexicano”, commented Sullivan.

Toyota de México It was highlighted that Tom Sullivan’s commitment to sustainability was what contributed to consolidating the brand’s leadership in electrification, surpassing the goal of selling hybrids in Mexico. In 2021, hybrid electrics will represent more than 28% of sales Toyota in the country, and in 2022 surpassing the sale of 85,000 vehicles with this technology, thus helping in the construction of an electrified Mexico.

“Those who have had the privilege of working with Tom know very well that his major professional virtue has been building strong teams, and that was the secret of his success in Mexico. Alentó a los asociados under his leadership to see the job as an opportunity to learn and grow professionally and personally. That’s the type of leader that Tom Sullivan is,” mentioned Bob Carter, executive vice president of sales at Toyota Motor North America.



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