Reader letter: Lifestyle changes on the horizon as numbers of elderly increase

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People tend to think about how long they will live, especially as they grow older.

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In this regard, Statistics Canada reports there were 5,825 centenarians in Canada in 2011. They predict this figure will increase to 17,000 by 2031 and incredibly to 78,000 in 2061.

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This will lead to many new possibilities.

Pension payments will have to last far longer than they do now and therefore require much larger payments in employment years.

Children will have to wait longer for their inheritance and more elderly people will not be allowed to drive without a medical approval.

The medical profession’s achievements to date, coupled with continuous progress in drug technology have been major factors in increasing life expectancy. This will likely continue.

Elderly nursing home care will be a growth business, while new home design will have to include more safety features for older people with mobility problems.

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Municipal recreation facilities will have to ramp up programming and gear their facilities for more older people.

Seniors over time will also likely become more proficient in using computer technology.

Finally, life itself will be much longer for so many more people. That is good news in itself.

Hilary Payne, Windsor

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