Real Estate Mogul Hakeem Olajuwon, Who Is Worth Over $300 Million, Made $13 Million on A Single Sale

The Hakeem Shake was used to sully defenders in the paint. Now, the Hakeem Shake could mean making enormous profits with questionable pieces of property! Hakeem Olajuwon made a sale in Houston that is questionable, to say the least.

Hakeem in his prime was nothing short of phenomenal. A talent who was so transcendent that he was picked ahead of Michael Jordan. And while the latter’s mentality is a big reason for his success, Hakeem himself had quite a spotless career.

2 NBA Championships, An MVP, 2 Defensive Player of the Year titles, and a myriad of other accolades to him, Hakeem is one of the best to have graced the game.

But after his NBA career, he found his calling as a real estate mogul and he might be excellent at flipping properties.

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Hakeem Olajuwon is a 2-time NBA champion and a real estate mogul worth over $300 million.

What if we told you Houston’s biggest real estate mogul is also a 2-time NBA champion and the city’s most revered athlete? That would be true because Hakeem is exactly that.

The 7-footer has built up a portfolio and his net worth has ballooned to well beyond $300 million. By some estimates, it is above that mark.

And a lot of them came about through shrewd deals. One such deal is the talking point of this story. He managed to turn a ‘converted’ swampland into a $13 million profit.

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The Rockets legend used to flip defenders now he flips properties

Hakeem Olajuwon, the Rockets legend is also great at turning properties and not just defenders. The Dream once sold a piece of swampland for $15 million. How much did he buy it for? Just $2 million.

The markup of $13 million was nothing short of magic. We, nor do the property moguls that first covered this story know how Hakeem managed to swindle the buyers.

The land is located in a prime area of ​​Houston but it is susceptible to flooding. The valuation of the property was also placed at a low $5.6 million. That is quite distant from the figure that Olajuwon scooped for it.

Now we know why he is worth over $300 million. The Nigerian NBA legend is quite literally living “the dream”.

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