Redditors’ 10 Coolest Predictions (We Want To Happen)

It’s been a mixed year for Tesla as its unpredictable CEO and issues with FSD have both dominated headlines and detracted from some of the company’s continued success in the EV market and beyond. Luckily, the future still looks bright for the automotive giant as Tesla offers no shortage of reasons to be excited for EV owners and appreciators everywhere.

The Tesla fans of Reddit are particularly looking forward to what the future holds and came up with a ton of ideas for how they might continue to expand and innovate. From ideas to fill some of the gaps in their model range to, of course, Full Self-Driving finally leaving beta, these are some of their most popular predictions.


10 Apple CarPlay And Android Auto support

Whilst clever workarounds and hacks have allowed users to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on their Tesla vehicles, many would still be happy to see official support for the ubiquitous apps. Both apps pair the user’s phone with a car’s head unit to allow for a safer and more convenient experience, and Redditor UnknownQTY doesn’t think Tesla can afford to ignore them.

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They point out that the apps are “now standard features on many basic models” and argue that Tesla will “lose buyers if they aren’t available.” Though privacy and data concerns could be a roadblock, drivers value convenience, so it seems highly likely that Tesla will get with the program.

9 The proper Tesla Hatchback

Reddit is abuzz with ideas for new models that Tesla could release in the future, and one of the most popular predictions was a purebred hatchback with Tesla’s distinctive stylings. Whilst rumors have circulated for a long time that the company will release a more compact vehicle in the $25k range, as reported in Autocar, one has yet to materialize.

Redditor pushdose was one user hoping for this to come to fruition, saying that a “proper hatchback, 4 doors. Like the VW ID.3 but with Tesla design language” would be the best possible outcome. Whilst sleeker designs might make for better fast car movies, most customers would be happy with something compact and well-made.

8 A Live Readout Of RangeData

With fans excited by the prospect of much better and more detailed range predictions in the July 27th Tesla update, it led to Redditors voicing some other predictions and ideas that could make it even more convenient. One of these was William G007, who suggested that it “would be great to see a live readout of this data in the car, so we can plan accordingly.”

Plenty of other Tesla owners agreed with this sentiment that the more range data available to see live whilst in transit the better. Many Tesla owners are tech enthusiasts themselves and would appreciate being able to see some of the numbers behind their vehicle’s range limits and that’s just a bonus on top of the improved convenience this would bring.

7 The Cyber ​​SUV

The Cyber ​​Truck is undoubtedly an incredibly cool concept and one that seems like a vehicle straight out of a video game, but there are just a few problems with it. The main one is that a massive steel truck just isn’t viable for a lot of people’s lifestyles, especially those who live in built-up cities.

That’s why Redditor Janus1788 hopes there will be “a smaller cyber truck or cyber SUV” in the future, explaining that they “like the concept of the steel design,” but it would be difficult to fit in a lot of places whilst living in an urban environment. With even the Cybertruck still not releasing this year, it may be a prediction that’s a long way off happening, though.

6 Greater Range On New Models

Tesla’s 4860 cells have long been hailed as the new element needed to take electric vehicles far beyond their current range limitations, and it seems only a matter of time before they come into usage. That’s why Redditor icancounttopotatos is willing to be optimistic about future range figures when the cells are introduced.

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They are hoping for “cars with 500+ miles of range so that you can go at least 250 miles […] between supercharger stops while road tripping” in the real world. Whilst that would be a massive leap forward in terms of making electric vehicles viable for even the most range-anxious consumer, it doesn’t seem too wild of a prediction given previous improvements in this area.

5 The Tesla Family Minivan

Electric vehicle manufacturers have raced to produce the best sporty coupes and luxury SUVs, but there are still some gaps in the market that Tesla has the opportunity to fill. Redditor devriesrr was one user calling for this, saying that a “minivan for family use” would be a great addition to their line-up.

They elaborate that the space provided by something like the Honda Odyssey means that there will always be times when that’s preferred to what Tesla has on offer. Though the Tesla Model X can seat up to 7, its status as a luxury SUV makes it a less realistic choice for some families, so there’s definitely room for a new model in the line-up.

4 Better Shock Absorbers And Noise Isolation

Whilst there are more ambitious predictions to make about Tesla’s future, sometimes the most important changes are the small ones that make life easier. Redditor beambot got no shortage of support for saying that they want a “smoother ride” and better “road noise isolation in all models.”

Other users agreed that these would go a long way to improving the Tesla-owning experience. Though it may be partly the lack of engine noise making such things more noticeable, plenty of users had issues with the noise level in their cars. Fortunately, it’s not a change that would require a ton of innovation, so perhaps it’s one that may come sooner rather than later.

3 A New, More Affordable 2-door Convertible

There’s no question the Tesla Roadster is a feat of engineering, and some of the claims surrounding what the 2nd generation Roadster will be capable are off are even more impressive. However, not everyone who wants a compact, sporty electric vehicle necessarily wants the fastest or the most expensive.

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That’s why the prediction Redditor Westy543 wants to see come to fruition is the addition of a “mass market two-door convertible” to Tesla’s range. They envision a model with “less range and speed” than the Roadster, so it sits in a far more accessible price bracket, and it seems like an idea that would sell well.

two Updated Exteriors And Luxury Interiors

Not all of the most recognizable cars have necessarily been the sleekest and most luxurious but with the EV market now full of incredibly stylish options, Tesla can’t afford to be left behind. Redditor DM65536 thinks they could do this if they “reinvent the S and X” with “fresh exterior styling” that looks sharp and upmarket.

Just as importantly, though, they’d also like to see the company “go all the way on interior luxury” regardless of how much this increases the price, to give Tesla’s high-end vehicles a polished feel that would emphasize Tesla’s strengths. There is some solid reasoning why this could happen, as most customers looking at these models are already prepared to pay a fair amount.

1 FSD Leaving Beta

The rollout of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta in the US this year hasn’t been without its hiccups, but it hasn’t left owners any less excited about the future of the technology for Tesla vehicles. Whilst it seems a fairly safe prediction that it will leave beta eventually, that doesn’t mean fans are any less excited about it.

Redditor geeksrpeeps2 sums up their enthusiasm in an understated way, saying, “A release of Full Self Driving (beyond its current beta form) would be a good start”. There seems little doubt that self-driving vehicles are going to be a big part of the future of EVs and so any good news on that front would be more than welcome.

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