Relying on domestic knowledge reduces investment costs in petchem industry by 30%

TEHRAN – Head of National Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (NPC-RT) said homegrown technical know-how has reduced investment costs in the petrochemical industry by 30 percent, Shana reported.

According to Majid Daftari, NPC-RT has played a significant role in indigenizing the knowledge for the production of over 85 percent of the catalysts used in the petrochemical industry, saying: “According to the promise we made to the oil minister last year, the Research activities on strategic catalysts were carried out in 1400 [previous Iranian calendar year ended on March 20]and by the end of this year, in addition to several strategic catalysts being finalized and ready to be supplied to the industry, several catalyst production units will also be put into official operation.”

Referring to the conclusion of 22 contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding over the past 12 months, Daftari said: “Good agreements and memorandums have been concluded with foreign countries for the export of technical knowledge and catalysts, and we are currently finalizing the shipment of catalysts from our knowledge base complexes.”

“Also, several foreign companies are currently applying for Iranian licenses, and we have signed confidentiality agreements with them regarding the exchange of information,” he added.

According to Daftari, currently, over 85 percent of the catalysts needed by the country’s petrochemical industry are produced inside the country and as for the other 15 percent, their production has not yet been possible or economically justifiable.

NPC-RT has taken effective steps for the knowledge-based development of the oil industry in the past year and since the 13th government took office.

One of the most important achievements in this regard is indigenizing the technical knowledge for the production of catalysts required by the petrochemical industry.



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