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If we analyze each of the investment alternatives that we find in the financial markets, we will not only see that the list is extensive, we will also observe that la exposure al riesgo es muy variada. There are assets more risky than others and, in general, more attractive for their high levels of profitability. Los: riesgos del trading de futuros, como cualquier instrumento financiero, tiene que ver con esto. Los actives underlying que elija para sus contratos de futuros, el: level of leverage: que decida utilizar.

Sin embargo, los riesgos del trading de futures se pueden equilibrar y compensar con otras characteristics destacadas que tiene estos contratos. Por eso, investors and traders use them contracts of futures para cover positions y protegerse de otras inversiones que entrañan alto risego.

The futures, by nature, are products in the financial world that many people use as part of risk management. On this occasion, we will dedicate these pages Club de Capitales a profundizar sobre los riesgos del futures trading y por qué son excellentes instrumentos de cobertura.

Is futures trading risky?

Muchos operators, antes de ingress al: mercado de futuros y opciones, se hacen esta pregunta. En terminos generales, los contracts of futures are neither more nor less risky than other instruments. El tema tiene que ver con el hecho de que se trata de derivatives. El: futures trading negocia contratos que tienen a otros instruments como active underlying.

Los: riesgos del trading de futuros provienen de los propios riesgos del underlying en questión. Si usted posee un contrato de futuros sobre el S&P 500:will correrá los mismos riesgos que alguien que haya elegido un ETF o fondo mutuo que rastree el mismo indexe.

In the end, the changes that the S&P 500 will suffer in the market will be the ones that will determine the futures trading risks for this index.

Si usted electes para sus contratos activos subyacentes que, por naturaleza, implican riesgos menos. Nos referimos a bonos, por ejemplo, los riesgos del trading de futuros serán menores.

A separate paragraph deserves the leverage to analyze the risks of futures trading. Este mercado posese alto apalanciamento. Because the initial margins for a futures contract rarely exceed 10% of the total contract. This allows you to access strong positions with less money.

Here corresponds the warning. As the possibilities of gains increase with leverage, the potentialities of losses grow.

The importance of coverage with future contracts

Al repasar la historia del nacimiento de los contracts of futuresnotaremos que siempre fue un excellente instrumento de cobertura.

En sus origines, los primeros subyacentes fueron materias primas. Los riesgos del trading de futuros era proteger a producteros e industrias How?

If an agricultural producer needed to ensure the placement of his product, maíz por ejemplo, he would subscribe to a contract of futures with an interested buyer. The delivery date was agreed upon. And the most important thing was the price that would be paid at the end of the contract. In this way, the producer knew how much he would charge for tons of corn.

In the case of industries, when acting as buyers in futures trading, the coverage was given by the price that was insured. This would protect it from the risks of possible oscillations in the underlying price.

With the incorporation of a large variety of underlyings in the futures and options market, investors began to cover another type of risk. If an investor has a strong exposure in shares, he can limit risks with futures contracts. This strategy consists of operations with futures contrary to other exposures.

Como usted puede observar, los: riesgos del trading de futuros toman un camino diferente. They become covertors of other more exposed investments.

The risks of leveraging in futures trading

Los majores riesgos del futures trading are found in leveraging. In reality, this is valid for any leveraged investment type. The possibilities of obtaining greater gains increase, but at the same time the possibilities of losses increase.

What does leveraging consist of and why does it increase the risks of futures trading? Operating with leveraged positions means opening positions with only one part of the required investment. Si usted opera en el: Mercado Forex: y abre una posición con apalancamiento significará que putrá only una parte del capital. La parte apalancada será dinero que le presta su bróker o corredor.

In the case of: futures trading, the broker will not prestará dinero para apalancar sus contratos de futuros. This is a partir de lo que se conoce como initial margin:. It is about the money that you must deposit in your account to subscribe to a contract. It is a percentage of the total amount of the contract.

Para que tenga una idea del alto nivel de leverage in futures trading. The contracts, depending on the underlying, are subscribed with 5% to 10% of initial margin. Es decir que la parte palancada podría llegar al 95%. En los mercados bursátiles, the leverage for the purchase of shares rarely reaches 50%.

Los riesgos del trading de futuros por apalanciamento pueden limitarse con una adequada estrategia. It is important that you know when to enter, when to retire, the limits in case your positions come back against you. Avoiding a margin call is always important for your continuity in the futures market.

Conclusions on futures trading risks

Throughout history, futures contracts have existed to protect producers and industrialists in search of products. This turns futures contracts into instruments that limit risks.

Sin embargo, the high levels of leveraging and the proliferation of underlying assets have increased potential risks in futures trading.

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