Rob Gronkowski jumps ship in Tampa, announcing second NFL retirement

Rob Gronkowski announced his (second) retirement from the NFL, one of several major moves impacting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year, tennis star Naomi Osaka expands her business ventures into media production in partnership with LeBron James and John Wall opts in to the final year of his contract with the Houston Rockets, which is worth a whopping sum. Plus, The Rush explores the fun friendship between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Video Transcript

Might celebrate a little bit, no?

I’ll see. Yo, sorry, Fiesta.

JARED QUAY: Feels like everybody’s jumping ship from the Tampa Bay Bucs this year. In January, Antonio Brown was fired-slash-quit. In February, Tom Brady retired, and then retired in March, followed by head coach Bruce Arians stepping down. And now, tight end Rob Gronkowski is hanging up his cleats.


JARED QUAY: Yep. This will be Gronk’s second retirement stint. And you know who’s got to be bummed out about this?

Would you like a spritz?


You look a little hot over there.

JARED QUAY: Tom Brady is probably in tears right now. He and Gronk have played 11 seasons together, two different teams, and won four Super Bowls. More importantly, it feels like the only time Brady proves he’s a human being with a personality, and not some life-like AI zombie is when he’s with his buddy Gronk.

Can you twerk? I feel like I could twerk.

That’s not bad.

JARED QUAY: While Tom’s busy working next year, Gronk will be twerking and enjoying the retired life at the good old age of 33. Mazel tov, Gronkowski! Mazel tov!

Tennis star Naomi Osaka ain’t slowing down any time soon, and is instead busy building up her resume. The four-time major champion is launching a new media company called Hanakuma, and is partnering with LeBron James’ production company Springhill.

We’re in good company.

JARED QUAY: The 24-year-old will serve of documentaries and scripted series, in addition to running her athlete management agency, Evolve. Osaka has the time and the money, since Forbes named her the highest-paid female athlete in history back in 2020.

She’s not the only one cashing in checks right now, either. John Wall has reportedly opted into the final year of his contract with the Houston Rockets. One season of basketball worth $ 47.4 million. The kicker is, Wall and the Rockets are consciously uncoupled. Wall sat out last season, and probably won’t ever suit up for Houston again.

Dude’s only played 40 games in the last three seasons, and thus averaging $ 3.1 million per game played, which is like $ 400,000 per dribble? He might be the smartest person in all of sports right now. Well, other than Bobby Bonilla, who is retired, but still making nearly $ 2 million per year off the Mets until 2035. Hey, John Wall, let’s see if you can negotiate some Bonilla magic, man! Why don’t you get the Rockies to pay you like $ 7 million until 2050? I’m sure by then, with inflation, it’ll probably be like minimum wage.

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