Rob Parker a man worth $797,471 not Skip Bayless is billionaire LeBron James’ biggest hater

Being a professional hater might just pay your bills, just ask Skip Bayless. But for some, hating LeBron James doesn’t pay, ask Rob Parker.

You would think that hating an athlete on a public platform can pay your bills. Skip Bayless, the star of Undisputed does just that. He doles out hate in spades and at the receiving end is one LeBron James.

Of course, if you’re gonna hate someone, hate the best. Skip knows this all too well. His persona revolves around criticizing the King on virtually everything he does.

From a missed opportunity in the playoffs to bashing a player for making eight consecutive finals, Skip leaves no stone unturned when it comes to dismissing LeBron’s achievements.

But there is another who has only vitriol for LeBron James, Rob Parker. Some of you might not know him and we don’t blame you. So, who exactly is he? And why is he worse than Skip?

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Rob Parker: A man with seemingly unlimited hate for LeBron James

Skip Bayless at least gives LeBron his flowers when he has to. And frankly, we all know that he does it as an act. A facade. Skip doesn’t really hate LeBron. But Rob Parker.

The man has never once praised LeBron. Not once.

He pokes fun and brings up discussions and comparisons like nobody’s business. And it doesn’t look like it pays its bills. He is a co-star of Chris Broussard but the latter is picking up all the TV appearances.

Let’s hope Rob Parker realizes sooner rather than later that there can only be one hater, Skip Bayless.

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