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Joe Brolly has labeled Roy Keane the “Nelson Mandela of soccer” after some of Roy Keane’s statements so far in the World Cup.

Roy Keane will never be afraid to speak his mind, as he has shown not only during his playing days, but also during his career as a pundit. His no nonsense style of punditry has made him a popular figure on our TV screens in the Premier League, and this has continued in the World Cup.

However, so far in this tournament, his strongest statements have been the issues off the pitch, as the death of migrant workers, the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, and corruption scandals have dominated the headlines.

Keane’s latest comments on the World Cup in Qatar received huge praise, as he called out the country for their record on human rights, and claimed the tournament should not be hosted in the tournament.

“The World Cup shouldn’t be here, it’s been mentioned about the corruption regarding FIFA, you’ve got a country and the way they treat migrant workers, gay people. I think it’s great that it’s been brought up. You can’t treat people like that.

We all love football, we all love a Premier League game, but dismissing human rights, its not right. It shouldn’t be here.”

The former Ireland midfielder also didn’t hold back in yesterday’s U-turn by Harry Kane and Gareth Bale, who were among the big name captains to make the last minute decision not to wear a one love captain’s armband to highlight Qatar’s horrendous LGBTQ+ record.

Roy Keane claimed it would have been a huge moment for Kane if he was to receive a yellow card for the statement, and claimed he should have taken it to show his support.

Brolly Condemns Keane’s coverage

While the majority of those watching the tournament have enjoyed Roy Keane’s punditry of the tournament, Joe Brolly has been unimpressed with the punditry of the Cork man at the tournament.

Despite not being afraid to tackle the serious issues going on outside of football, Brolly condemned Roy Keane’s appearance at Qatar in a tweet, comparing him to Nelson Mandela.

In 1995, South Africa hosted and won the Rugby World Cup, in an event that the President of the country at the time, Nelson Mandela, used in an attempt to unite a deeply divided nation. They also hosted the 2010 football World Cup.

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