Rudy Gobert has had it with Skip Bayless

Rudy Gobert: Would u speak to me that way if you were standing in front of me @RealSkipBayless ? 🤔 I’m cool with the constant disrespect and opinions about who i am as a player and i CHOOSE to let these things slide but it seems like people are getting way to comfortable
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Rudy Gobert Arudygobert27
These people are crazy man PM

Vincent Goodwill AVinceGoodwill
Utah Jazz part-owner Dwyane Wade on his relationship with Donovan Mitchell and the Mitchell / Rudy Gobert dynamic: “That’s not my conversations with Donovan… I’m a realist. My biggest thing with Donovan is always how he’s growing as a leader. ” PM

Ben Anderson ABensHoops
Honestly, good for Rudy Gobert for joking about Shaq and everyone falling for it.
I maintain he’s the most misunderstood player in the league, his sense of humor not withstanding.
He’s legitimately funny. – 11:51 PM

Chris Kirschner AChrisKirschner
Part 1 of the mailbag contains questions only about Hawks trades!
On Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Utah’s interest in a Hawk, Malcolm Brogdon, Ben Simmons, Danilo Gallinari, John Collins’ future and much more!
(Sub below for 1 / month) – 12:12 PM

Mike Prada AMikePradaNBA
I’m late to finishing this afternoon’s game so I’m sure someone’s said this. But what do we make of Dallas beating Phoenix with the Rudy Gobert gameplan? – 8:10 PM

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