Sales minerals: cinco datos que todo runner debe saber DEPORTE-TOTAL

Para que el cuerpo se desarrolle y funcción de forma correcta necesita de sales minerals como el calcio, magnesio, hierro, manganeso y zinc. Sin embargo, they are lost during physical wear and dehydration, so it is necessary to learn to recover them.

“In controlled studies with sportsmen, who exercised for one hour in summer temperatures, they lost on average: 146 micrograms of iodine, 42.5 mcg of selenium and 7.5 mcg of chromium,” explained the nutritionist. Joshua Morales. These figures are within the highest, being very similar to those that can be lost when we perform physical activities of high resistance and intensity such as cycling, triathlon or running.

In the following list you will find five data that you should know about the importance of these inorganic compounds.

1. Evita los calambres. They can appear during or at the end of training and are related to the lack of potassium and magnesium. “The deficit of these sales can limit the supply of oxygen to the muscular tissue, reducing sports performance in resistance exercises, producing cramps,” he says. Gonzalo Morenonutritionista clínico deportivo.

2. ¿Son más importantes que el agua
? no. Both must be relevant in your training, otherwise the improvement of the physical qualities you are looking for will not be given.

3. Where do we meet? Consume el magnesio en espinaca, palta o semillas. Calcium can be concentrated in ajonjolí or cheese. Iodine is found in different types of algae and fish. En tanto, el zinc está en los frutos secos y huevos. “You can also find isotonic sports drinks, gels, bars, solutions in powder and capsules that the athlete could acquire”, suggests Moreno.

4. Each mineral contributes to the functioning of the body. Morales explains it like this: “calcium is the most abundant and necessary for the development and strengthening of bones; iron is the main component of hemoglobin and transfers oxygen to all tissues of the body.”

El hierro brings a good metabolism and prevents anemia; while magnesium is vital for the heart and pressure.

5. Fight fatigue. Through the consumption of mineral salts, sodium levels in the body are regulated, dehydration is reduced to a minimum and with it fatigue. “Also, magnesium promotes a better night’s rest, making the person have more energy during the day”, adds Joshua Morales.


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