Sales overview of imported fruits at retail terminals in China

Although the impact of the pandemic has not entirely dissipated, the retail terminal in China has seen a rich and diverse range of imported fruits, such as citrus from Australia, South Africa, and Israel, New Zealand kiwifruit, South American avocado, Thai durian and so on.

In what form are imported fruits sold in China’s retail terminals, and with what form of publicity? The editors of Freshplaza visited an imported fruit supermarket in Beijing to find out.

The retail price of Australian citrus (left) is 59.8 yuan/kg. The counters of imported citrus from Australia are lined with kangaroo dolls that reflect Australian characteristics. The price of South African oranges (right) is also 59.8 yuan/kg. There are billboards for South African oranges lined up next to the counter, and there are display screens showing the production process of oranges.

The price of Israeli red grapefruit (left) is 19.8 yuan/kg. The picture on the right shows imported avocados from South America. A description of the ripeness of the avocado is placed next to the product so that consumers can better understand the best time to eat it.

There are two forms of sale of golden pillow durian imported from Thailand. The price of cut durian is 99.8 yuan/kg, and the cost of durian pulp is 298 yuan/kg. Next to the durian counter stands a board with an introduction to the Durian region in Thailand.

In addition to durian, green coconuts imported from Thailand are also seeing hot sales. The price of the beautifully packaged Dole Easy Open Coconut is 19.9 yuan/piece.

The price of New Zealand Gala apples with a sugar content of 13 degrees (left photo) is 29.8 yuan/kg, and the price of the New Zealand Miku apple with a sugar content of 15 degrees (right photo) is 39.8 yuan/kg. The price tag for each fruit describes the origin of the apple, the taste characteristics, the recommended way to eat it, and the sweetness of the fruit.

Zespri kiwifruit is also quite popular, the price of green kiwifruit is 9.9 yuan/piece, and the price of yellow kiwifruit is 12.9 yuan/piece. Consumers can buy them in bulk, and supermarkets also have plastic boxes for consumers to use.

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