She is a lawyer, she emigrated to Germany and she was surprised when she told how much she earned as a domestic employee

Social networks have become, for some time now, the ideal place to share the experience of emigrating to different countries in the world. With this objective, Anhy and Emidos jóvenes argentinos que went to try their luck outside the countryopened an account on TikTok and Instagram, and began to collect followers avid for their stories in first person.

A few weeks ago, the couple behind Travel Let’s go caused a stir among users with a simple video in which they showed a conclusion that even left them surprised. “Germany: country where I get three times more cleaning rooms than in my country being a lawyer”.

She is a lawyer and revealed how much she earns as a domestic worker in Germany

To put some optimism on the subject, the song “Fruit de la passion” by Francky Vincent plays in the background. Además, advirtió a través de un hashtag que se trataba de un contenido de humor. “Truth or lie?”, he asked in the epigraph of the video sparked an extensive debate about the economy of Germany, that of Argentina, the capacity to save, the value of each currency and the importance of working for what you like, more than the money you give in exchange.

“¿Pero cuánto gastás? La historia completa, ingresos y egresos, ¿a ver?”, a user asked. “Hoy o mañana hago un videito con esa information si queeren”, replied Anhy and finally complied.

But it depends, there are lawyers who are millionaires, no solo es recibirse y ya, tiene que ver qué tan bueno seas en tu profession”, he marked a follower. “Sure, Nico, no lo discuto. Embrace”, she replied. “Es tan dolorosa esa realidad y el esfuerzo”, he lamented another. “Sad, but it’s true,” commented the young Argentine.

Anhy & Emi, the Argentinian couple behind Travel Vamos (Photo: Instagram @travel_vamos)

After all, it’s money. The satisfaction of doing what one likes has no price”, said a user. “Yes! Coincido!”, explained Anhy. “But in my case I never felt love for law, así que me daba igual. In my country, I was also a merchant, and my dream would be for an entrepreneur,” he added.

Pero cómo, si Cristina told me that (Germany) is full of poor people”, commented a user with irony. “Jajaja Cristina and her parallel reality”, replied the young woman from the Travel Vamos account.

The majority of users emphasized that, beyond what they earn in Germany, the difference lies in the purchasing power of that sum. “Pero gastas three times more, al final quedás igual“, pointed out several of their followers. Pero otro los cruzó: “Para los que preguntan, ¿pero cuánto gastas? Uno gasta lo que se le dé la gana, ¿o no entienden?” Delighted with the answer, Anhy replied with a laugh: “Jajajaja tenés razon.” If she wasn’t politically correct, she would contest like this hahahaha”.

“Yes, but things are three times more expensive than in Argentina”, insisted another user. “But the agreed wages. So even though it’s more expensive, it’s enough to live and save“, assured the young woman. “But in Argentina you certainly live better because everything is cheaper,” said another. “Igual todo tiene su parte buena and su parte bad, clearly”, admitted Anhy.

One of the few positive comments that the couple received on the networks (Photo: Captura de TikTok)
One of the few positive comments that the couple received on the networks (Photo: Captura de TikTok)

Nor were the testimonials of similar cases missing. “Same in Ireland (similarly in Ireland) I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism”, commented a user. “I have a cousin living in Berlin, cleaning bathrooms and earning more than when he was a mechatronic engineer here in Colombia”, said a user. “¡Recontra pasa! No in all cases, obviously, but it’s possible to win well”, answered the young Argentine. “The topic is whether you like to clean or you like to be a lawyer. A veces la plata no lo es todo”, indicated another and she challenged him: “I don’t feel that law is my passion, I like more travel and these jobs help me fulfill that”.

“Cuánta envy hay en los comments (commentaries), vos seguí en la tuya que verás qué bien que vas a vivir, mucha suerte”, another user said. “Thank you, ¡uno de los pocos mensajes con buena onda!”, highlighted the young woman.

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