Short interest in FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE:FCN) has decreased significantly.

In August, there was a large fall in the number of short positions held by FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN). Compared to the 1,540,000 shares that were borrowed as of July 31, the number of shares that were borrowed as of August 15 was 1,400,000, which is a 9.1% decline. Short holdings make up around 4.2% of the corporation’s total number of outstanding shares. The current days-to-cover ratio is 5.4 days.

This value is determined by the fact that the average trading volume for the company is 256,900 shares. Therefore, the current days-to-cover ratio equals this amount. In recent months, FCN has owned comments from a wide array of research companies. In a research report published on Monday, June 6, Truist Financial raised its target price on shares of FTI Consulting from $200.00 to $220.00 and provided the company with a “buy” recommendation in a research report. A research note published on May 7 rated FTI Consulting’s stock as having a “hold” recommendation, a downgrade from the “buy” recommendation that Bloomberg had previously provided.

At the opening of the market on Wednesday, the price of an individual share of FCN was $157.61. The debt-to-equity ratio is 0.19, while the current ratio is 2.26, and the quick ratio is also 2.26. The debt-to-equity ratio is presented as a numerical value. Throughout the previous calendar year, the price of FTI Consulting fluctuated between $131.50 and $190.43 at various points. The moving average of the company’s stock price over the last 50 days is $173.52, while the moving average over the past 200 days is $163.56. The company’s market capitalization is $5.44 billion, the price-to-earnings ratio is 25.75, and the stock’s beta value is 0.29. FTI Consulting (NYSE: FCN), in a report made available to the public on Thursday, July 28, provided an update on the company’s performance.

Industry professionals speculated that the corporation would earn $1.67 per share for the quarter, but the actual result was only $1.43 per share. The actual revenue for the quarter came in at $754.99 million, which was higher than the forecasted figure of $737.95 million that analysts provided. The net margin for FTI Consulting was 7.65 percent, and the company’s return on equity was 13.92 percent. The company’s quarterly sales climbed by 6.1% when measured against the results achieved during the same quarter in the preceding year. The company’s earnings per share came in at $1.74 when measured against the same period in the previous year’s financial results.

According to projections made by analysts who operate on the sell side, FTI Consulting will bring in $6.77 per share in revenue this year. Ajay Sabherwal, the chief financial officer of FTI Consulting, sold 5,000 shares of the company’s equity on Friday, August 19. A total of 8,466,500 dollars worth of shares were traded at an average price of $169.33 per share, and the chief financial officer is now the owner of 13,532 shares of the firm. The transaction brought in a total of 8,466,500 dollars. It may be estimated that these shares are worth around $2,291,373.56 in total.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) kept a legal file accessible online and contained the information pertaining to the transaction. This information can be viewed. The company’s insiders own 3.46% of the total number of shares that are currently outstanding. During the previous several months, several prominent investors have made recent modifications to their stakes in the company. Ophir Asset Management Pty Ltd made a new investment in FTI Consulting during the second quarter by purchasing a share in the company for about $27,328,000. This was done to diversify its portfolio. Loomis Sayles & Co. LP made a fresh investment in FTI Consulting during the first three months of 2018, spending approximately $52,036,000. During the second quarter, Driehaus Capital Management LLC was kind enough to make FTI Consulting the recipient of a fresh investment of roughly $59,000. $59,289,000 was invested in FTI Consulting by Scout Investments Inc. in a brand-new transaction during the second quarter of 2018.

And finally, during the first three months of this year, Mawer Investment Management Ltd. boosted the number of FTI Consulting shares that it owned by 7.2%, bringing the total number of shares it owned to a total of 1.4%. Mawer Investment Management Ltd. now holds 4,437,123 shares of the business services provider’s stock after purchasing 299,176 shares. The stock is now valued at $697,604,000. FTI Consulting is responsible for providing advisory services. FTI Consulting, Inc. is an international business consulting organization that supports clients in managing change, minimizing risk, and resolving conflicts. The company’s five business segments are Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Forensic & Litigation Consulting, Economic Consulting, Technology, and Strategic Communications.

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