Singapore-based Central Asian-focused investment firm Paladigm Capital ventures into digital investment banking

Post-management buyout, it dives into wealthtech while continuing to develop unique and quality products for investors Central Asia and Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Previously a boutique investment firm, Paladigm Capital is now building – a digital investment bank that offers clients access to equities, bonds, funds, PE/VC and alternatives. Paladigm Capital also underwent a management buyout after five tremendous years – from zero to USD 100 million AUM – and is most eager to showcase their achievements thus far and what is to come.

Paladigm’s continued mission

Paladigm Capital continues to democratize investing, starting from those in the region of Central Asia and Southeast Asia (abbreviated as CASEA from here on), on which Paladigm’s founder Olzhas Zhiyenkul seeks to focus. For co-founders Talgat Kantayev and Alibek Mursali, who call themselves both Singapore and Kazakhstan home, the region is not just a niche either. “There’s a growing pool of investors in CASEA looking for viable options, yet high quality access to investments is available only to a very limited segment of customers,” said Talgat. “Paladigm Capital seeks to empower investors in CASEA and I’m proud we have been doing so for the last five years by providing investors here with a diverse set of unique, institutional class products,” Alibek also shared.

Highlights so far

The flagship Atlas Fund is a stellar example. A multi-asset income fund launched with British asset management giant Schroders, Atlas Fund aims to offer quality products to investors here and in Central Asia. Riskier yet limited in volatility with a target return of 6-7% (USD), it is a Singapore unit trust consisting of bonds, equities, REITs, and alternatives. Paladigm is its fund manager and is assisted by Schroders as investment advisor to manage risks. Investors include DBS and UBS.

Besides the outstanding Atlas Fund, Paladigm’s late-stage venture investment strategy Paladigm Ventures has demonstrated impressive results – an extraordinary 25.5% annualized returns since its inception. As for budding businesses, Olzhas designed an early-stage venture investment strategy called Paladigm Early-Stage which focuses on founders from frontier economies or companies representing frontier technologies. Paladigm Early-Stage eventually saw one of its portfolio companies, digital asset custodian Copper, become a unicorn in 2022.

Paladigm also has a set of private equity strategies and a network of counterparties designed to deliver one-of-a-kind private investment opportunities in Central Asia.

What else is in store

Mass affluent consumers in CASEA can look forward to its first digital investment bank that can truly cater to the needs of the new generation of investors, including entrepreneurs, innovators, and digital natives, and promote investing as part of a lifestyle. The solution will be a robo- and traditional advisory-led investment marketplace which will feature causal, thematic and ESG filters to suit the changing needs, wants, causes, and preferences of discerning investors. Olzhas said that the hybrid solution “also provides a powerful reporting tool that will not only allow users to have an integrated 360-degree view of portfolio results and important performance indicators.” He added, “by leveraging on external data sources our reporting solution will empower investors to make informed decisions and enrich the client journey, be it for aligning portfolio design with life goals, or for tracing the impact of an investment made towards a certain cause. “

As for the expansion of Paladigm Capital’s product line, the launch of a state-of-the-art stable income fund is in the works. Also available soon is a tail-risk hedging solution extremely relevant for investors in the new paradigm of investing, where one has to constantly deal with geopolitical shocks and spikes in volatility.

On the horizon

Paladigm is also continuing to raise funds for its existing products. One example is the next iteration of Paladigm Ventures which takes advantage of recent re-pricing in the venture capital market. Paladigm is also in talks with several institutions to craft partnerships and enable the evolution of early-stage into best-in-class impact-driven venture capital solution focused on CASEA.

The management buyout which took place earlier this year was a joint decision made by Olzhas, Talgat, Alibek and former shareholder Damir Karassayev whose contribution to the success of Paladigm Capital was immense. The trio is grateful and looks forward to building on it and taking the firm to greater heights, serving CASEA and the world.

About Paladigm Capital

Focused on Central Asia and Southeast Asia’s emerging markets, Paladigm Capital is led by experienced entrepreneurs with proven credentials who integrate and aggregate innovative financial solutions to achieve investment objectives with prudent management of capital and risk. Armed with first-hand information, research and in-depth market insights, the investment team is entrusted by clients to manage assets through different economic cycles for maximum returns.

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