Six emerging companies present their projects in the ‘III Investor Day e360BAN’ to capture investors

Six emerging companies, with great potential for escalation and the incorporation of notable technological advances, presented today in Cartagena, at the ‘III Investor Day e360BAN’, their business projects with the objective of capturing investors. The event is organized by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO) and the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Cartagena (COEC).

The director of INFO, Joaquín Gómez, stressed that “the initiative of the entrepreneurs of the region of Cartagena seems inexhaustible, not only for the number of projects that are being launched, but also for the diversity of those who are very close and complementary to grueso del tejido empresarial de la zona, lo que suremente repercutirá en su éxito”. Of the six projects presented, four are led by women, “which confirm the progressive empowerment of women in this type of technological initiatives of great impact”.

The startups that have participated are Bioprocesia, Meryt Catalist & Innovation, Climaticco, Beecial, Hausera and Vegan Queen, which address diverse activities such as biotechnology, energy and the environment, ‘social selling’, ‘blockchain’ and the healthy diet.

The e360BAN event, co-financed by INFO and executed by COEC, includes the [email protected], Escalado 360 and Red E360BAN initiatives. Esta última es una aceleradora integral de empresas emergentes por donde han pasado en los últimos cuatro años más de 120 proyectos.


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