Skincare myth or fact: Toners can shrink your pores

Skincare lovers diligently follow the CTM routinewhich includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing the skin — in that particular order. As such, toners enjoy special status when it comes to prioritizing beauty products. But what if you were told that they might not be as beneficial as believed? Discussing the same, Dr. Kiran Lohia took to Instagram to explain the purpose of a toner, and also bust the many myths around it.

“When a famous skincare brand invented the CTM technique, they figured out that they were going to increase their sales of skincare products by 30% by increasing the number of products in their regimen by 1 more,” she captioned her post, as she listed the “purpose of the toner”.

* Extra cleansing: Busting the common belief that toners can provide extra cleansing, Dr. Kiran wrote: “You can use a face wash that cleanses well, without having to use a toner. Many already double cleanse, rendering toners useless anyway.”

*Shrink pores: Completely discarding this belief, Dr. Kiran added, “No toner can shrink your pores. I repeat. No toner can shrink your pores.”

* Balance skin pH- She explained that the skin is a “self-balancing organ” so it naturally balances the pH level. “In any case, your cleanser is probably pH-balanced already, and water is a pH of 7, any acidic ingredients in your cleansers get balanced there anyway,” she wrote.

Sharing some “toner lookalikes”, Dr Kiran listed “mists with balancing or oil reducing ingredients, Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy acid based toners for skin renewal or pore cleansing,” mentioning that using them “might actually add value.” She further added that one can keep their face hydrated with “hydrosols, rosewater, or thermal water mists.”

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Previously, the expert had shared some easy tips to stay hydrated. “Staying hydrated will rejuvenate your skin so it looks and feels smooth and soft,” she captioned the post.

*Carry thermal water or mist that you can spray whenever the skin feels itchy and dry.

*A sleeping or hydrating mask can help keep the skin hydrated. One can apply them overnight for good results.

*However, there is no substitute for water. “Add a lemon in it and make nimbue soda as that will benefit your skin more than plain water,” she added.

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