SoftWriters Launches FrameworkRxP – A Major Advancement for Consulting Pharmacist Software That Directly Integrates with FrameworkLTC

SoftWriters is no stranger to the Medication Regimen Review (MRR) process in LTC. They currently produce RxPertise ™, the industry-leading solution in Consultant Pharmacy for over 20 years. “While RxPertise continues to be a reliable tool for MRR, we understand that the needs of our customers have evolved, and our goal with FrameworkRxP was to meet the changing requirements of today’s consulting practice”, said Jay. “Our experience as pharmacists, combined with feedback from many of our customers, has helped us to reimagine many of our current features and combine them with new ideas for FrameworkRxP. Via a tight integration with FrameworkLTC, we have a unique opportunity to offer real- time access to dispensing data, and several new features that go along with it “.

As a web-based product, FrameworkRxP provides centralization of data, accessibility across multiple device platforms, high scalability – all of which help to break down silos and facilitate the collaborative effort required in long-term care. While the initial product launch, the Integrated version, is aimed at customers currently using FrameworkLTC, SoftWriters will closely follow it with the release of the Flex version, a solution which will serve the needs of customers using other pharmacy management products. It will offer many of the same features, but also provide the ability to interface with several other popular pharmacy management systems. Both versions will offer offline capability so that users can remain productive in situations where no stable internet connection is available.

Scott Beatty, President at SoftWriters, Inc. commented, “Our customers depend on us to deliver solutions that support the important work they do in caring for long-term care patients. FrameworkRxP enables the clinical pharmacist workflow with the first real-time integration with dispensing data in FrameworkLTC. Our mission is to Save Lives, and this solution complements the rest of our product suite and serves a critical role in the patient care equation “.

About SoftWriters

SoftWriters Inc. is the leading provider of pharmacy management software solutions purpose-built for long-term care (LTC) pharmacies. Trusted by over 600 LTC pharmacies, FrameworkLTC, SoftWriters ‘flagship platform, has set the standard for driving efficiencies, saving money, and elevating patient care through automating workflows, powerful integrations, scalability, and connectivity to SoftWriters’ complete suite of innovative software products designed. to meet the needs of LTC pharmacy operations. Founded in 1998, SoftWriters is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and serves LTC pharmacies of all sizes throughout the US with its tenured team of domain practitioners and technology experts. Learn more about SoftWriters and its solutions for long-term care pharmacies at

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