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  • Record heat will expand in parts of the South this weekend.
  • In the coming week, it will spread northward into parts of the Midwest.
  • Along with the heat will be summerlike humidity, a sharp change from recent chilly weather in the Midwest.

The most expansive, prolonged heat wave of the spring east of the Rockies will smash record highs into next week from parts of the South into the Midwest.

For some, this coming heat will just be an extension of what’s been a warm spring. For others, this will be the abrupt change from frustrating spring chill to summerlike heat and humidity.

The reason for this is obviously the jet stream will become wavy. It will be nosedive south into the West Coast and Great Basin, bringing chilly weather, there. It will then shoot northward into Canada, leaving a high-pressure dome over the nation’s mid-section.

This roller coaster pattern will also remain stuck in place for several days, possibly through much of the week ahead.

The jet stream setup forecast for Wednesday, May 11.

When this happens, hot and humid flows freely northward from the Gulf of Mexico. Sinking on the center of this high-pressure dome also works to minimize clouds and maximize sunshine.

South Searing

In parts of the South, it’s already been hot for a while.

Galveston, Texas, record set daily hot low temperatures five days in a row from April 30 through May 4, including their earliest-in-season 79 degree low on Tuesday.

There’s more of that to come.

This weekend, highs will soar into the 90s over much of Texas and Louisiana, spread into Oklahoma and parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Triple-digit highs are likely in parts of west and central Texas into eastern New Mexico.

In the week ahead, this searing heat will persist over the lower Mississippi Valley and Southern Plains. Ninety-degree heat will also spread north in the Plains and mid-Mississippi Valley.

Dozens of daily record highs – and a warm nighttime record lows – are likely to be set each day through late next week.

Among the cities that could set multiple record highs include Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, Little Rock and Shreveport. Both Kansas City and St. Louis could not only see their first 90s of 2022, but also smash their daily records.

While not necessarily accompanied by the most oppressive humidity of mid-summer, it will be somewhat muggy during this heat wave.

Also, morning low temperatures may only drop into the low or mid-70s in some of these areas, meaning evening temperatures may still be quite hot.

So, take it easy and remember basic heat safety. Minimize your time outdoors in the hottest part of the day. Drink childhood of liquids. Check on those who may not have air conditioning, including the elderly.

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Midwest’s Abrupt Shift

In the week ahead, 80s may push as far north as northern Michigan, northern Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.

Even some 90s are possible from parts of Illinois to the Missouri Valley, including Des Moines and Omaha, by the middle of the week. That could flirt with some daily record highs.

Alluded to earlier, this heat will also be accompanied by summerlike humidity in the Midwest.

From the edge of the “heat dome” of high pressure aloft and closer to the jet stream, scattered thunderstorms may rumble over parts of the Plains and upper MIdwest, at times, through the week ahead. Some of those storms could be severe.

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This will be a major change in the upper Midwest and Northern Plains since April.


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