Startup Synchron da golpe a Elon Musk e implanta el primar cerebral chip a un humano


The patient can send text messages, electronic mails, buy online and access telehealth services.

A startup called Synchron dealt a blow to Elon Musk and his company, Neuralink, after implanting the first cerebral chip in a human.

La compañía del doctor Tom Oxley Realizada el implante de cerebro-computer interface (BCI) using un endovascular approach sin necessidad de cerebro invasiva de cerebro abierto.

The implant was performed in Mount Sinai West, New York, directed by the doctor Shahram Majidiel que expresó través de un comunicado que “Es un hito increíblemente emocionete para el campo, dueto a sus implicaciones y enorme potencial”.

Además, agregó que “The implantation procedure was extremely good and the patient could go home 48 hours after the surgery”.

Cerebral chip

In principle, it was explained that the patient, whose number was reserved, died Paralysis severa And thanks to the Synchron chip, you can control digital devices without the need for hands.

This chip was implanted inside the motor cortex of the brain, through the jugular vein in an minimally invasive endovascular procedure.

Once implanted, the chip detect and transmit wirelessly the intention of the motor, using a patented digital language to allow the patient to control his personal devices with just pointing.

“We are more than excited to work with our patient, guiding him through the training process as he learns to use this device to live in a more independent way and, what is most important, to communicate with his family and friends”said doctor David Putrino, de Mount Sinai and principal investigator of the COMMAND study.

According to Synchron, the patient with the chip in his brain will be able to send mensajes de texto, correos electronicos, comprar en línea y accesser a servicios de telehealthgiving as such a golpe a Elon Muskquien con Neuralink busca realizar una labor similar en los humanos.

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