Tumble Book Library Reference Database Review

Tumble Book Library Reference Database Review

Providing a clean, full-featured search interface to more than 1,100 ebook and talking book titles, Tumble Book Library is a stalwart in the burgeoning market for remote learning and online reading platforms. Tumble Book Library Grade Level K – 6 Cost $ 799 per school annually for unlimited access by any number of users, either … Read more

Edward Hemingway’s picture book teaches the power of empathy

I’m going to say it right now: I think picture books get a bad rap. They’re written off as silly books for little ones, but there are a lot of picture books out there that have strong messages and deal with real issues. A new picture book, “Pigeon & Cat,” by author Edward Hemingway, may … Read more

We’ve reached peak celebrity memoir

“It was going to be a memoir at first,” revealed actress Julia Fox on the Vanity Fair Oscars party red carpet, “but now it’s just like, my first book.” It has become a routine practice for any celebrity enjoying their moment in the sun to announce a book about their life. Whether it be a … Read more

The Book That Captures My Life as a Dad

Once, when my daughter was six months old, my mind started wandering while washing dishes. The chore had become a soothing break from the ceaselessness of the baby’s need. I’d lose myself in thought as the warm water rushed over my hands, and this particular time, I was attempting to construct a theory of my … Read more

5 new, upcoming book releases from Lexington, KY authors

Lexington author Shawn Pryor’s latest book, The Gamer: Bandit Battle, will hit shelves next month. Here’s what other authors with ties to Lexington are publishing. Provided by Shawn Pryor In this unbearable heat, being outside isn’t ideal. We suggest you stay in the air condition, pour a glass of lemonade and cozy up to a … Read more

The Organization of Your Bookshelves Tells Its Own Story

My father loved books more than anything else in the world. He owned about 11,000 of them at the time of his death, in March of 2021, at 83 years old. There were books in his living room and bedroom, books in the hallways and closets and kitchen. Sometimes I stop in the center of … Read more

Madison teacher shares history of Wisconsin gardens in new book geared toward families | Entertainment

Madison author Susan Apps-Bodilly draws on her family’s long tradition in gardening in her latest book, “Seeds in Soil, Planting a Garden and Finding Your Roots,” recently published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. The book offers readers a glimpse into the history of Wisconsin gardens and the state’s geography; outlines crafts and activities to … Read more

Illinois librarians prepare for more book bans, challenges

Librarians statewide are preparing to meet an influx of book challenges if a nationwide censorship trend comes to Illinois. “We’ve not seen as many widespread orchestrated challenges or campaigns in this state yet,” said Diane Foote, executive director of the Illinois Library Association. “But we do expect challenges, thinking it’s only a matter of time. … Read more

The Books Briefing: ‘Couples Therapy,’ Lori Gottlieb

When Lori Gottlieb, the author of The Atlantic‘s “Dear Therapist” column, started her first therapy session, her client started crying almost immediately. The experience was “simultaneously awkward and intimate,” Gottlieb wrote in her book Maybe You Should Talk to Someone—And a reminder of the ultimate humanity of the therapeutic relationship. Although Gottlieb entered the room … Read more