How to Weather This Stock Market Storm

How to Weather This Stock Market Storm

Keep calm and carry on. For many individual investors, that’s more than a message on a T-shirt. It’s become a way of life. With US stocks down more than 14% and the aggregate bond market off almost 9% so in 2022, I asked nonprofessional investors this week how they are coping with the collapse. Wall … Read more

Government financial watchdog chief looks for consumer inflation stress

Rohit Chopra leads the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency whose mission is to protect consumers from “abusive and deceptive financial practices.” As the director of the CFPB, he is keeping a close eye on trouble spots that could potentially cause another financial crisis. With inflation significantly impacting household budgets for millions of Americans, … Read more

Fannie Mae chief economist says the US housing market has finally turned a corner and temporary child tax credits contributed to Americans’ financial security in 2021

Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. The good news: Americans’ financial security soared last year. The bad news: That may be due to this lucrative, but temporary tax break The share of Americans who said they were able to cover $ 400 in emergency expenses, using cash or its equivalents, reached a 9-year-high. Read … Read more

What History Shows Us About Market Downturns | Personal-finance

(Stefon Walters) Everything isn’t always peachy keen in the stock market. History has shown us that volatility and market downturns are inevitable. However, as an investor, this doesn’t mean panicking and losing track of your long-term goals. If anything, it can be a chance to get closer to your financial goals – especially if time … Read more

How to All But Clinch a Millionaire Retirement | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Chuck Saletta) With the S&P 500 teetering on the edge of a bear market and some high-growth-prospect companies down more than 90%, reaching millionaire status by the time you retire may seem like a crazy goal. In reality, most bear markets plant the seeds of the next great recovery. Unless you believe that this crash … Read more

Consumers Defy Inflation to Support Economy. for How Long? | Business News

By CHRISTOPHER RUGABER and ANNE D’INNOCENZIO, AP Business Writers WASHINGTON (AP) – With prices across the economy – from food, gas and rent to cars, airfares and hotel rooms – soaring at their fastest pace in decades, you might think Americans would tap the brakes on spending. Not so far. Consumers as a whole are … Read more

3 Ways to Become a Better Dividend Investor | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Stefon Walters) Investors who prioritize dividends and intentionally build a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks typically see massive rewards in the long run, often receiving thousands in monthly retirement income. Profiting from some stocks relies solely on increases in their stock price, but dividends essentially reward investors for holding onto shares. If you want to become … Read more

These online tools boost your financial know-how – and they’re free

Beyond helping clients manage their finances, some financial advisers aim higher. They educate consumers – people they will never meet – about personal finance. These advisers have created free resources that empower individual investors to make wise financial decisions. Such resources can also enhance advisers’ marketing and brand identity – enabling them to reach a … Read more

Financial Health Plummets During Pandemic for Millennials, Gen Z | Family Finance

It’s clear the pandemic has and will continue to have profound effects on individuals’ finances and the nation’s economy. New data reveals in more detail just how the last two years have opened new economic doors and created new financial challenges for the nation’s largest living generation, millennials, and their younger Gen Z counterparts. A … Read more