Tampa Police Rescue Kittens ‘Elon and Tessie’ Trapped In a Tesla

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Two kittens trapped in a Tesla for days earned the names Elon and Tessie. In mid-July in Tampa, the car’s owner went away for the weekend, returning home to hear “tiny mews coming from his car,” says local rescuer Jen Tate.

“When the car’s owner heard the tiny mews coming from his car, he called the Tampa Police to ask for some help, and they came right out and worked for nearly an hour to get them free,’ Tate explained on Instagram.

While this was happening, someone had already contacted Tate about the situation. She was prepared to take the kittens into foster care thanks to people who had recently adopted kittens.

“I was already aware of the situation as we had received a contact form about them. And I had luckily just freed up one of my foster spaces with some adoptions! (See how adoptions help?? 😉) ” she said.

Tampa Police To the Rescue

In the pictures, you can see the Tampa Police Officers lying on the ground to try to get the kittens free. (Elon is the orange kitten with “the cutest little nubby bootie.”)

Images, media via Instagram/jenzfosterkittens

Then, we see some big smiles as they have secured Elon and Tessie. Great job, guys!

Cover Police save two kittens from a Tesla car

After days of starving in a hot car, these two would need time to recover. It’s unclear if the car was outdoors in the Florida sun the whole time. As you can see in the overwhelmingly cute pictures below, Elon and Tessie clung to each other for comfort after the ordeal.

“It took a couple of weeks to really get them eating again,” said Tate. “I believe too long with no nutrition plus just being at the transitional stage made it even more challenging,” she said.

Elon and Tessie

Elon and Tessie, a Precious Pair of Survivors

Elon and Tessie’s close bond helped them bounce back as they recovered. Six weeks later, they were ready to find a forever home together. By now, Elon the Manx has earned the cute nickname “EL Nubbs.”

“Little Elon is the brave one of the pair and constantly looks out for his little sister, who happily accepts his brotherly love and protective nature. They are both super sweet once they know you are kind, and they have the loudest purrs! They love cuddle time, having their heads and bellies rubbed, and…FOOD! (Making up for lost time).”

Surprisingly, finding a home for Elon and his sis hasn’t been easy, as cute as they are. Recently, Elon and Tessie joined another absolute cutie, Margot, looking for a forever home in a Tampa pet store. So far, they have been there for four weekends in a row.

Elon, Tessie, and Margot 2

As you can see, they are extremely photogenic kittens and love one another. And, someone in the Tampa area would be lucky to adopt all three together.

Elon and Tessie, and Margot

When adopting kittens, it’s generally a great plan to adopt the pair, or in this case, a trio. That way, they can work out all that high-level kitten energy with one another. (And keep you endlessly entertained.) Now, if Elon Musk could harness the untapped power of kitten energy (or cuteness), well, we’d save the world in no time.

Meanwhile, these three seek a loving forever home where they can beam cuteness straight to their family’s hearts.

“We are back at PetSmart again for the 4th weekend in a row. Why doesn’t anyone want us? We are super sweet and pretty cute, too (if we do say so ourselves ! 😉😻).”

“When will it be our turn for forever home? Meow and purr, Margot, EL Nubbs, Tessie.”

Tessie, Elon, and Margot

Right now, Tate is awash in adorable rescued kittens. If you have any inclination to go “Awwwww” when looking at them, you will after seeing the faces of the little ones in her care.

For instance, here’s just one of many cute faces, little Miyoko.

“Happy kitten-in-a-donut Caturday! Miyoko claimed the donut spot this morning! 😻”

Miyoko, kitten, donut bed

You can follow Tate of “Jenz Foster Kittens” on Instagram.

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