Tesla Announces Expansion of Full Self-Driving Beta

Does the future of automobiles involve those vehicles doing the bulk of their driving themselves? That depends on who you ask. Lucid Motors’ CEO recently suggested that the technology was still a few years away, while Tesla has continued to press forward on its Full Self-Driving feature. The latest development here? According to a recent article at Engadget, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to all Tesla owners in North America — provided they have $15,000 to spend on the feature.

The Teslascope reported, Tesla recently dropped two requirements to upgrade to the latest version. Previously, drivers would need to have a safety rating of 80 or above and to have logged 100 miles on autopilot before being able to do so.

Tesla’s Elon Musk took to — not surprisingly — twitter to announce the upgraded and widely-available feature. “Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America who requests it from the car screen, assuming you have bought this option,” Musk wrote. “Congrats to Tesla Autopilot/AI team on achieving a major milestone!”

And if you’re still skeptical of Full Self-Driving Beta — well, there are understandable reasons for that as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has investigated the program in connection with a crash, and expanded that investigation to include more incidents earlier this year.

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