Tesla is already testing its new version of solar panels (V 3.5)

The energy business is increasingly important for Tesla and its solar panels (Solar Roof) is one of its star products

When we talk about Tesla to all of us, it comes to our heads that we talk about a company that develops and manufactures electric coaches and whose CEO is the popular Elon Musk.

Without embargo Tesla is much more, and on the ground it has the electric coach business line, bell that energy line mainly focused on solar energy and storage batteries It’s another very important leg for the company.

Unfortunately, and for the moment, Tesla only offers this energy solution in the United States, and because its demand is so high that it is not able to supply its own country, and for that reason, it is not possible to supply it in other countries. .

For Europe, it will be time to wait, so Tesla continues to advance and improve its products, such as the case of solar panels (Solar Roof), solar panels in the shape of a roof that are perfectly integrated with the design of the living room but with a very important feature , and these tiles are capable of capturing the energy of the Sun to store it in a battery or be used directly by the living room.

Tesla’s latest advances on these solar panels were in the 3.0 version, without further developments there is now that Tesla is already testing a new version, the so-called Solar Roof 3.5.

This new version of solar panels, however, is not commercialized and is in a phase of fearsstudies that are being carried out in real environments where Tesla’s own employees are looking for the “indian councilors” for these issues.

It is unknown that novelties include these solar panels 3.5, but one suspects that they could improve efficiency at the time of taking advantage of the energy of the Sun, having greater durability and also simplifying the installation of this type of solutiona point in which Tesla has been working lately so that installers are able to increase the number of weekly installations.

on this point, Tesla announced that during the past quarter (Q2 2022) it was able to deploy a total of 2.5 MW of solar cells in the United States thanks to the installation of around 23 solar roofs each week, a number that is nothing to be ignored.

For the moment as we have decided, it will be time to wait for Europe, as it is a solution that we are convinced will have a great acceptance among the owners of back-to-back or single-family homes where the entire roof would be replaced by Tesla’s solar panels, thus taking advantage of the Sun to capture electricity for free.

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