Tesla is canceling orders from dealers ¿why?

The automotive sector is living a critical moment because of the lack of semiconductors. So much so that some models are sold more expensive second hand that bought new ones. The reason is because the lack of stock makes the used coaches, with immediate deliveryif you are paying better than a new one that meets months of waiting. That’s why it has triggered practices against them Tesla is trying to fight.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla is going through the mismos stock problems than any other brand. Now well, there’s also what you have in mind that Tesla has your own used coach business. In this context that we have detailed, the brand dedicated to electric coaches has included a new clause in your requests for what if reserve the right to cancel any order in case a customer is believed to have it intention to resell this coach.

Tesla is canceling the order for some of its customers

The firm chaired by Elon Musk does not have repairs in take strong measures to keep your clients disciplined. Is the problem? That, although a measure can have a certain a priori meaning, there is always a place to focus on. false positives. Es decir, that it could happen that Tesla has suspicions that someone was going to resell a coach and yes, don’t be there. With the policy they are carrying, their clients on the ground run the risk of lose an orderbell that can reach the not being able to buy Tesla another coach in the future.

Yes, Tesla is at a time when you can allow it, because you have a order glue from here to several months. But the right thing is that it seems that this game no les is saliendo good, the whole node, as the case of Frederick Foley Rousseau demonstrates. Follow this client on social networks, his wife and his Tesla Model 3 Tenian from 2021; it sold el suyo to buy a Tesla Model Y. He comments that there were doubts between a Long Range and a Performance, así que hizo the orders considering that his wife might also want to change coaches. There you go all the bestbut the situation evolved something worse than what should have been.

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This Tesla customer comments that while he was dining at a restaurant with his wife, he received her call from a Tesla representative to inform you that if they had canceled los of the requests that there was hecho. Because? Because Tesla had suspicions that they were dealers when, as the customer explains on social networks, with all the details, you’re not there. While he tried to explain the real situation to the representative, he could not convince him and lost orders and prices that ya tenía blocked. Something important, because now the prices have gone up.

Worse, in this whole situation, is that Tesla took measures against the client before having been able to receive a justification. Now, unless they manage to make their problem as viral as the lost autonomy, it doesn’t seem like they’ll have any solution. Maybe the measure of Tesla sea a good idea to try to fight against it speculationbut the right is what they are acting against what does not correspond.

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