The Batman’s Opening Fight Scene Turned Into Stunning Comic Book Panels

A piece of fan art has adapted the opening fight scene of The Batman into a series of comic book pages, reflecting the origins of the character.

A piece of fan art for The Batman has adapted the film’s opening fight scene into a series of comic book panels. Matt Reeves’ reimagining of the Batman mythos, which recently arrived on HBO Max, has been roundly received as a smash success. The film was praised by fans and critics alike and has become one of the most financially successful films at the box office since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans, in particular, have deemed the film as the most comic-accurate version of Batman on film thus far in a long line of cinematic incarnations. The film’s leading man, Robert Pattinson, was praised for his angsty, emotionally torn depiction of Bruce Wayne that put him at the forefront of the drama as opposed to other films where the character has faded away in comparison to his colorful rogue’s gallery. The film also firmly set itself in the vein of a detective noir thriller, reflecting a side of the character that has often been lost in movies and making Batman truly earn the moniker of “World’s Greatest Detective”.


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Now, comic artist Santa Funghas adapted one of the earliest and most iconic moments of The Batman into comic book form. The piece is 4 full pages long and adapts Batman’s first appearance in the film in which he confronts a group of thugs assaulting a man and brutalises their leader, proclaiming himself as “Vengeance.” The scene is realized in gorgeous comic panels with the style reflecting the dark red color pallet of the film and the size and shape of the panels altering to emphasize the action in the frame. Check it out below:

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The art is a phenomenal piece and is indicative of the creativity that the strong production work of The Batman has inspired. As compared to most of its contemporaries, The Batman opted not to overuse green screen in lieu of practical effects and stunt work such as the car chase in the middle of the film which was filmed practically on an abandoned air field. In order to bring Gotham to life, the film also made use of the Volume, the same digital projection stage used on The Mandalorian, to create spectacular visuals of the city skyline. While Marvel’s use of CGI has served to create some iconic set pieces in their ongoing saga, the tactility of practical effects and the projection technology that the Volume uses can create a much more tangible and pleasing aesthetic that certainly benefitted the Batman’s grittier tone and made it. feel like a comic book brought to life.

It seems likely that sequels to The Batman will be going forward, with several HBO Max TV series’ also in development. Based on Reeves’ work with the first film, it seems likely that any follow-ups will be eager to adapt the comic books, though it’s uncertain to what degree. Reeves’ himself seems more focused on creating an expanding “Bat-verse” that focuses on the character’s central to the mythos, so it’s unlikely that fans will see Pattinson joining the Justice League anytime soon. Fans have also speculated as to just how grounded the series will remain with wishes to see more low-level villains like the Court of Owls to the more outlandish supervillains such as Mr. Freeze and Bane. Regardless, this comic book adaptation of The Batman‘s opening moments reflect just how well Reeves and his team embodied the spirit of the comics and that the Dark Knight is in safe hands on film.

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