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A special feature of the months of inversion is that there is a requirement to pay IVA by European standards. To be considered an inversion game, we must meet the following requirements: that we are equal to the superior to 900 miles, that we have been with posteriority since the year 1800, that we have had a legal month in our country of origin, that sean commercialized habitually by a price no higher than 80% of the value of the gold content contained in them and which are included in the relationship published in the ‘Official Diary of the European Union’.

The principal bullions, in the opinion of the director of Degussa, son:

Lince. Spain. It is the first month of inversion by the National Factory of Moneda and Timber-Real House of the Moneda and only has a limited edition of 12,000 pieces, which offers an added value for inverters and collectors. It was sold in December 2021. It has one troy (31.1035 grams), has a purity of 999.9 millimeters, a face value of 1.5 euros, a diameter of 37 millimeters and a circular shape with song liso. Launches an annual series of bullion money months, which, in collection and inversion mode, the FNMT-RCM Spanish can provide distributors, collectors and interested parties in general, all over the world. In its anterior reproduction are the motifs and legends of a real eye, of columnar type: two hemispheres like real corona, flanked by the columns of Hercules with the lema PLUS VLTRA. In its reverse reproduction an image of the cabeza of an Iberian linen.

Krugerrand. South Africa. The Krugerrand is the month of inversion with the highest market share. Make the first coin issued in the world to contain exactly one ounce of fine gold. The month with the characteristic South African antelope is harvested at the Rand Refinery in Germiston, near Johannesburg, since 1967. It is composed of a gold ore (916.7 miles) and covered. His name is Paul Kruger’s appeal, a peasant politician presiding over the XIX final and final race against the United Kingdom, and he will appear on the opposite side, and on the edge, of South Africa. Hasta 2017 will only be held in gold in different sizes. This year, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, a limited subscription of 100,000 units was made and it was planned to issue a record version.

American Eagle. EEUU. It is a monarchical inversion month of 22 quilts (916 miles) recorded by the United States Mint since 1986, approved by the EU Congress. In front of him is an image of the figure of Liberty leading the profile of the envelope in the American flag. In his hand there was a frame of laurel and in the izquierda another ruble. In 2021 it has been redesigned with the motive of its 35th anniversary and has undergone its reverse reversal, the eagle making it so that it is near the bottom of the house and its creases with frames in its cages by a cave of this ave. You can buy pieces of one ounce, one quarter, one ounce and one ounce.

Buffalo Americano. EEUU. It is one of the most popular months of inversion of the House of the European Union. It was issued in June 2006. It was first reported that the West Point Moneda House had a purity of 999.9 miles (24 quilates). In the opposite, the retreat of an American native (is the superposition of the images of various Indian creatures) and the LIBERTAD phrase, in addition to the year of accession, in homage to the first inhabitants of this country. In reverse, it is home to a beautiful bouquet of a mantle symbolizing the pioneer spirit of expansion east of the American nation. In 2006 and 2007 only one month will be saved. In previous years, we also have a decimal of ours, a quarter of ours and our media. Together with the American Eagle, it is the only monetary monetization guaranteed by the House of the American Moneda.

Año Lunar Chino. Australia. It is a series of pieces emitted by the Perth Mint, the House of the Perth Mint (Australia), since 1996. Each year is dedicated to an animal. In 2022 the protagonist will be the tiger, which will be sold on September 13. In front of a retreat is the retreat of the Queen Isabel II of England and the reverse, the gold and platinum, a tiger roaming alone with a rock, and a tiger following a cachorro about a rock rock. 14 versions are available in gold from 999.9 miles, platinum (999.5) and plateau (999.9). Las oro seran de un veinteavo de onza, un decimo de onza, un quarto de onza, media onza, una onza, dos onzas y diez onzas. The version of one of ours will be limited to 30,000 units, the rest will be unlimited. In Platinum, only one version of an ounce will be issued, limited to 5,000 units. It works in six versions: media onza, una onza, dos onzas, un kilo y 10 kilos.

Britain. United Kingdom. The Royal Mint, the Casa de la Moneda de Gran Bretaña, the first auction in 1987 with a purity of 916 miles (22 quilates) the gold and 958 miles of the record. In 2013 it increased its purity to 999.9 miles (24 quilates). In 2021, some details of his design will be retrieved to increase his safety. In front of the Monday appears a retreat of Isabel II of perfume. On the first floor, in reverse is represented Britain, the symbol of Great Britain, with an olive frame, symbol of peace, and a trident, master of the power of this country. There are editions with distinct designs from the UK. You can find it in gold (one ounce, one ounce and one ounce) and one plate (one ounce).

Philharmonic. Austria. The Vienna Vienna Philharmonic was created in 1989 by the Casa de la Moneda de Austria (Münze Ósterreich AG) in versions of an ounce and a quarter of an ounce. It has 999.9 miles (24 quilts) of puree. Rinde homage to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. In front of it appear various musical instruments and in reverse, the organ of the hall of the Musikverein de Viena. Can be found in platinum and platinum (999.5 miles of puree) in the format of one ounce. Since the year 2002, the first gold bullion has been denominated in euros. Currently, a piece of ours, a quarter of an ounce, a media ounce and an ounce are being found. In 2015, a special edition of 15 units of ours will be held to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the month.

Canadian Maple Leaf. Canada. The famous Canadian Gold Star Hoja was created in 1979 by the Governor of this country and hosted by the Real House of Canada. In front of it appears the Isabel II car and in the reverse an arja hoja, a symbol of this country. It has a capacity of 999.9 miles (24 quilates) and is not loaded with any other metal. Distribute versions of an onzima decimal, a quarter of ours, a media of ours and a ours. In 2019, a special month of 40th anniversary will be held with a limited issue of 15,000 pieces.

50 Pesos. Mexico. The month of 50 Mexican pesos was issued in 1921 to commemorate the centenary of the independence of the Spanish corona. For this reason it is also called the ‘centenary’. It weighs 41.6 grams (just 20% more than one troy), of which 37.5 are purely 999.9 miles long. 90% of his composition is gold and the remaining 10% is covered. In front of it appears a Victoria alada holding a crown in her hand derecha alzada delante of a relief of the volcanoes Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl. On the contrary, an eagle with a serpent in the pike, other symbols of this country. His suspension was suspended between 1931 and 1943. It was one of the most demanded months of investment in the world.

Vreneli. Switzerland. It is a coin of 20 francs of gold collected by the House of the Swiss National Monet between 1897 and 1936 and 1947 and 1949. It is composed of 90% gold of 900 miles of purity. In front of the piece of land appears a classic bust of Vreneli, the Senorita Suiza present in the folklore of this country, with the Alps at the bottom. In reverse, the Swiss Army team. There is some variation in the number of different months in different years.

Queen’s Beasts. Reino United. It is a series of gold, plate and platinum coins that began to emit the Royal Mint, the House of British Monde, in 2016 dedicated to the Beasts of the Queen, representing the line of Isabel II, which will appear in reverse of these coins, giving the reverse to the animals. Between 2016 and 2021, the Lion of England was issued; el Grifo de Eduardo III; the Halcón de los Plantagenets; el Toro Negro de Clarence; the Yale or the Beaufort Centic; the White Lion of Mortimer; el Galgo Blanco de Richmond; the Red Dragon of Wales; the Unicornio de Escocia y el Caballo Blanco de Hanover. En oro, los bullions emitidos son de ¼ de onza y de una onza; en platino, de una onza, y en plata, de dos onzas y 10 onzas. As early as April 2021, the Royal Mint will issue a special edition that includes the 10 Best Beasts of the Reina, with the 11-month series in total. In this case, there is also a single 10 kilo coin.

Kangaroo. Australia. This coin is also known as Australian Nugget. Manufacturer of the two houses of the Moneda of Australia, the of Perth (Perth Mint) and the Real House of the Australian Moneda (Royal Mint). On his face appears the queen Isabel II and in reverse, a kangaroo. The Royal Australian Mint’s kangaroo coin has a very deep relief image with a classic design kangaroo. The difference between the kangaroo moons of the House of the Montenegro of Perth, the retreat of the Queen Isabel II of England was shown to be the most important in the cage and barracks of a crown of hojas. The coins are manufactured in pure gold at 999.9 miles. In 2022 we will meet new versions in gold, plate and platinum. The 2022 design dates back to the traditional retreat of Queen Isabel II of England, while the new reverse will lead to a kangaroo and its crippling cry. The gold bullion can be obtained in the form of an ounce decimal, an ounce quarter, an ounce media, an ounce and a kilo. On the platform alone it will be built in the format of an onza, and mantendrá su design of previous years, with the reindeer Isabel II in the opposite and the profile of a red kangaroo in full jump in reverse. The version in a platinum ounce compares the same design as the platinum.

In addition to months of inversion of various types of tires, Degussa distributes weight bars of various types and sizes, within a subscription that weighs 1 gram up to 1 kilo, in order to offer the best service to customers and adapt to the possibilities of different economies . También also offers the possibility of buying the inversion products and joys and ornaments of this precious metal. Account with the accreditation of the London Bullion Market Association and have security clearances available to those who can deposit any object or document with the option to insure their contents. In its web page (, apart from being able to inquire about its product offer during the 24 hours of the day, it is possible to consult, updated every five minutes, the international referral fees del oro.


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