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A new, more “affordable” Tesla lands in our country. It’s interesting because it’s the only one in the range that allows you to take advantage of Plan Moves III events.

We will not enter them Tesla I’m not a coach for the rich, but since I’ve been in the “valen” lo mismo 100,000 dollars with the south Americans, that the mileuristas south of here…

In any case, if you can buy a Tesla, here you have one of the best opportunities. Get to Spain the cheapest Tesla Model Y, back tractionwhose official name is Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive.

It is 15,000 euros cheaper than the Gran Autonomía version and costs 19,000 euros less than the Model Y Performance. It is all without cuts in important aspects such as autonomy or equipment. Let’s see the details with help from our partner Noelia López, from AutoBild.

He Tesla Model Y Rear Wheel Drive There is a price of 49,990 euros, not including the processing and documentation costs. Summarizing this, if it falls in 51,200 euros, final priceso that it fits within the price requirements to request the assistance of the Plan Moves III of the government.

This plan offers assistance from 4,500 to 7,000 euros for buying an electric coach, depending on you, you deliver or in your previous vehicle to chatarra. If that’s the case, discounting the 7,000 euros The cheapest Tesla Y drops to 44,200 euros, final price.

How is this new model different from the previous Model Y? This table has all the data:

Tesla Model Y rear traction Tesla Model Y Gran Autonomy Tesla Model Y Performance
Autonomy 455 km 533 km 514 km
maximum speed 217 km/h 217 km/h 250 km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 6.9 seconds 5.0 seconds 3.7 seconds
transmission rear traction Dual engine with all-wheel drive Dual engine with all-wheel drive
price 51,200 euros 65,990 euros 70,000 euros

As we see, the new Model Y con traction back offers 455 km of autonomy, que aunque es la más corte de los tres, there is much difference with the 514 km of the Performance model, for example.

reach a maximum speed of 217 km/hthe same thing as Gran Autonomía, and something less than 250 Km/h of Performance.

The biggest difference is in the acceleration. It takes 6.9 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, compared to 5 seconds for Gran Autonomía and 3.7 seconds for Performance.

But it is necessary to recognize that they are extreme values, that in a standard conduction, they are much the same. And the difference in the price is great, between 15,000 and 19,000 euros.

This Tesla Y includes the basic AutoPilot. The version with improved autopilot or total autonomous driving goes up to the price, and can be removed from the Plan Moves III.

You have more information on the official page of Tesla España. They will be delivered in December, the beginning of 2023.

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