The ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’ promotes empirical access to global markets

Forética has organized la quinta edición del encuentro ‘Circular Economy Business Forum‘en marco del’ Group of Accidents in the Economy Circular ‘ More than 14 great empires –Airbus, Cerealto Siro, Ecoembes, EDP, Endesa, Epson, Grupo Antolín, LafargeHolcim, L’Oréal, Mahou San Miguel, Naturgy, Nestlé, Redeia y Saica-. In the encounter with the present claves presentations and futures of the circular economy in Europe and in Spain, as in the situation of the flujos financieros enfocados a Financially the circular model of economic circular hackia.

In the actual context, The extraction and processing of resources due to 90% of the biodiversity process In addition to the global impact of global missions, this alerts the organization for cooperation and economic development (OCDE) in its Global Material Resources Outlook to 2060. Minimize extraction and use of primer materials in a 28% permit Reduce the effects of gasoline emissions in a 39%with objetivo de compmpler el Acuerdo de París y no superar el aumento de temperatura en más de 1,5 ° C a final de siglo, como se seala en The Circularity GAP Report 2022.

Por ello, The circular economy poses exactly the same as the best antidote to the most urgent global issues.: The climatic change, the degradation of the natural capital, as the preservation of the salute and the beauty and the human rights. As a result of the launch of the ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’, an annual event was organized by the group for discussion of the Circular Economics of Economics group, since it was decided that all There is a great vacuum inside the model of urgency and the financing available, que es una de las grandes limitaciones en esta transición.

Redirects the financial flows to a circular model

Not to be outdone, “the actual ecosystem of public politics is new to Europe as much as to Spain. The point of inflection for avant-garde is a more economical model. with the planets and the people. All in a context in which, as the saying goes, the hoja de ruta ‘Vision 2050. The moment of transformation’, very recently in the brand of Conservative Español Consortium for Desertrollo Sustainable, one of the most systematic transformations. ‘Década de la Acción’ pasa por Transform the maneuver into what we use the products and materials ”como destaca Ana Herrero, Director of Projects and Formatics Services.

In the latest information published by Forética on the Marco of the Acción group, it was innovation and the financing like the two big circular transformative pillars For the enterprises, which are incorporating different strategies for the transformation of their processes, products and services. The study analyzes the import of the redundancy of the financial fluctuations of a circular transaction, albeit in a way that sometimes leads to more exposure to literature in Europe and, in particular, Spanish. Develop a vertical and sustainable recuperation.

Context favorable

Elena Ruiz, Manager of the Group on Economics in the Circular of Formatics, destabilizing: redirection of financial resourcesin the actual context we also need to know that the panorama financier vanqulado the circular economy is experimenting an important creation in the last days, posing as a fundamental element in Transition has become a more economical system.

This is something that will be seen in the data, or from the heads of 2020, the activities generated by the traverses circular fund of capital economy As a result of this input from the private sector, it has increased from 300 to more than 2,000 million dollars, it is said, it has multiplied since then.

‘Circular Economy Business Forum’

The meeting ‘Circular Economy Business Forum’ Organized by Therética in the market of Acción Group ha contado con la intervening de Luis Planas, Policy Assistant in the General Direction of the European Media Commission; Margarita Ruiz, Deputy Director General of the Circular Economy in the General Directorate of Quality and Evaluation of the Ministry for Ecological Transactions and the Retro Demographic, and Isabel Vento, Responsible of the Negocio of BlackRock in Iberia.

Además, han participado representantes de las empresas miembro del Grupo de Acción to share their visions, experiments and experiences in circular economics material in its proprietary organizations, with Javier Alández, Director of Geocycle de LafargeHolcim; Delia García, Director of Sostenibilidad y RSC de L’Oréal; Candela Aldao, Responsible of Mau San Miguel; Nieves Cifuentes, Responsable Corporativa de Medio Ambiente de Naturgy; Pedro Ruiz, Specialist in Nestl Amb Ambient Sustainability; Belén Aranda, Environmental Officer and Miembro del Board National Sostenibilidad de Airbus España; Paula López, Responsible de Ecpaía Circular de España; Joan Escoté, Sustainability Manager of Epson Ibérica; Carolina Valdivielso, Responsible de Cambio Climate and Economics Circular of Antolín Group; Antonio Calvo, Director of Sostenibilidad de Redeia; Beatriz Aylagas, Responsible de RSC y Sostenibilidad de Ecoembes; Virginia Ocio, Head of Circular Economy Iberia of Endesa and Susana Alejandro, Director of Strategy and Development of SAICA Corporation.

In later editions, the Accord Group presented a document that included a series of Recommendations to accelerate Empire Accord to a more Spanish circular in 2030, There are three things that can be done to change the model that allows to create a more circular ecosystem: the measure of governance, the acceleration of accusation and the impact of impulses. Además, Formatica published in the mark of the group of information ‘Innovation and Financing: The Pillars for the Circular Transformation’ and ‘Maximum circular campaign for the Decade of Accession’.

The Group of Agreements also agreed to abolish the empire of transacting the new economy of the plastics., con los siguientes informes publishes: ‘Empirical Empire to Avoid New Plastic Economy’ and ‘The Realism of Plastics: Friends and Words’. Embrace the metrics and indicators, reflect on the circular business case of the circular economy, analyzing retos and opportunities in this environment, and collaborate with the WBCSD in the circle for CEOs on circular economics.


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