The electric coach that, even though it’s not a Tesla, goes to the patas up market

as much as Tesla It is the leading brand in terms of 100 × 100 electric models both in our country and in the rest of powerful markets worldwide, there are several brands that are putting a lot of piezas in this direction.

One of them is precisely a brand that is becoming one of the revelations in our market: MG. Y es que the historic English brand now in manos de Saic engines you have several models in your catalog that are starting to call attention to spain.

MG4 Electric
MG4 Electric

However, it is a model that will arrive soon and, for many, it could be the one that has just helped that this brand has the point of inflection while the sales they hope for so much: el MG4.

The MG4, a very top electric compact with a very popular price

There are few people who speak of it as the future electric coach of the pueblo, among other things because, unlike what happens with the great majority of models with this type of engine, this MG4 If you can promise it’s a quality/price relationship that’s more interesting.

If you are sure that the most basic version of all there is a starting price that is very attractive by itself, by debajo de los 30,000 euros, It is important to bear in mind that, if we choose to use current reports as well as all government assistance, the price of this MG4 is more likely to be under 22,000 €.

I understand that it is an electric with a 170 horsepower engine and one autonomy what exceeds 340 km, we are before a price that, from luego, to this MG without direct rival and as one of the most attractive trams in spain. From there that sean muchos los that hablen de él como el model who goes to put patas up this segment.

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