The House of the Dead, a return of the machines to the Switch

This is a dear fan audience of arcade and “pistols”, a powerful old man from the game rooms returns in his remake edition. Go prepare those dolls why The House of The Dead will be back to fill the screen of your Nintendo Switch with blood, guts and green fluids.

The beginnings of The House of The Dead

In 1996 arcades were still in demand on this side of the pond. Consoles were rare in homes and the table was enough for you to go with your guardians or cousins ​​to the nearest game room and have a blast with all the variety of options that the end of the millennium offered us.

In the meantime and many options, there was a machine that could not be missed in any of the rooms I attended as a brat, and that was nothing more and nothing less than The House of The Dead.

Although, by then we knew games dedicated to the genre, none offered us the frenzy of infinite shots we had with House of The Dead, as with the gameplay of shooting on rail well done and scrap, SEGA released this first installment of the series that currently has five games on the main line and is preparing for a remake that will arrive in less than a week at the Nintendo Switch digital store.

The game was eventually brought to Saturn in 1998. Too bad only 10 people had the console.

What about House of the Dead

If you are very small or you lived in the castle of purity and your potatoes wouldn’t let you out even for tortillas, here I tell you that The House of The Dead was going. It all starts when you take control of one of the two leading government agents in the story, Rogan and G. who, after receiving a call from Rogan’s damsel announcing disappearances and strange events, decide to go in search of answers.

So, this pair goes in search of the black experiments that Dr. Curien is doing, which due to a super villain reason (you know), causes creatures out of nightmares and rotten zombies to invade your screen.

The game, as I mentioned before, is a shooter on a rail, which only allows you to measure your skill with the sight and pull of the trigger. In addition, it added a very attractive gameplay model for that time, which was to shake or move the gun to the sides to reload your ammunition, and you had to be careful with that, because to have the chamber full in your gun your success depended.

The House of the Dead Remake previous
Even the poster takes us back to the 90s.

The remake of the game for Nintendo Switch

It should be noted and it is no secret, that the second and third part of the game are far superior and already in 2008 we had a port for Nintendo Wii. This edition had these two installments and completely squeezed the gameplay with the console controls. So what does this new remake offer us?

Among the news that we have prepared are the possibility of playing it with new mechanics prepared for a console like the Switch, which promises to make you spend a good hour of fun and nostalgia next to your little one who is already married and with children, but he plays the irresponsible as he spends hours with you, remembering his best childhood days.

On top of that, the beautiful people of Forever Entertaiment in charge of bringing us remakes of classic games like Panzer Dragoon and MegaPixel Studio who have been producing games since 2018, promise that along with the new dynamics (but retaining the essence of the gameplay), the game will be graphically at the height of the new generations.

And if that were not enough and your demanding gamer heart is hungry, among the additions we will have, achievement system, multiple endings, photo mode, new game mode and an extensive encyclopedia of creatures to the delight of those morbid fans of rotten.

It also has to tell you that this delivery you have to have if you were a fan of the “little machines” or even if you could not assemble the Wii version. The best thing is that The House of the Dead Remake will arrive this April 7 and you can pre-order it but already, at $ 399 pesos ($ 22.69 USD) in the Nintendo digital store. We leave the trailer here for you to check out some of the news.

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