The ONCE award to the Galician startup Mentiness with the award ‘Reto ONCE Innova Emprendedores 2022’

The startup based in Santiago de Compostela, with barely a year and a half of travel, has achieved the recognition of the ONCE for its commitment to the mental health of workers.

“Our project consists of measuring the level of well-being of employees and helping organizations to identify possible mental health problems that affect the staff,” summarizes its founder, Javier Serrano.

Javier Serrano, Mentiness Photo: ONCE

La salud mental es uno de los aspects que más debe cuidar la sociedad actuala. Forgotten so many times, each time there are more companies that start paying attention to the weight and the value of mental health, closely related to the productivity and performance of employees. It seems logical to think that a happy and stress-free worker can contribute much more than an unsatisfied one, but no one bet on a model that focuses on the problem. Es el caso de la statup galega Mentinessthe evaluation platform of the level of welfare of the workers of companies with indicators on stress, personal and labor satisfaction and the state of the organization through forms, recognized by the ONCE por su labor.

The ONCE has awarded it with the award in the modality “Enriquecimiento y transformación digital del posto trabajo” en la ONCE del galardónReto ONCE Innova Entrepreneurs 2022‘. Mentiness “includes a personalized training offer on the topics of mental health and wellness, together with a team of specialized psychologists”, underlines the ONCE, which has also been awarded in Granada. Tifloactiva in the category of ‘Mejora de la calidad de vida de las personas blindes y con discapacidad visual’.


The Galician firm has imposed on other two finalist companies in its category and has been recognized by the jury among the 70 proposals presented in this II Edition of the award promoted by the ONCE.para promote un ecosistema de emprendimiento de innovation inclusiva“.

Javier Serrano The founder of the Compostela startup that barely has a year and a half of life, indicates that “mental health is a vital aspect to which no one always pays due attention.”

“Our project consists of measuring the well-being level of employees and helping organizations identify the possible problems of mental health that affect the template. Gracias a la ONCE podremos además adaptar toda nuestra tecnología para llegar a miles de personas con discapacidad visual”, apostilla.

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