The ‘real estate’ suspended in sustainability: only 22% of the office park is sustainable

Competencia por las oficinas verdes. Sustainable offices represent on average 22% of the total park of offices, with a range that goes from less than 15% in Los Angeles and London, to more than 40% in Warsaw, San Francisco and New York, according to the Green Office Deficit Index elaborated by the consultant Savills y que analiza twenty cities a nivel global.

The cities with major challenges are Los Angeles, Paris, Frankfurt and Seoul, as well as London. Los Angeles, with 95% of its park built before 2010 and only 13% of buildings with sustainability certificates, will leave tenants with very few options for energy efficient buildings. Due to low activity of new developments.

Por su parte, los principales mercados de oficinas en España, Madrid y Barcelona, ​​con el 26% y el 16% del parque certificado, respectively, se situado en la decena de ciudades con menor deficit de oficinas verdes, aunque el 85% de los Buildings were built before 2010.

The norm of energy efficiency se ha ido introduciendo gradually ya differente velocidades en las twenty ciudades que Savills include en su indexe. Taking 2010 as a year of reference, more than 70% of the total offices in these cities were built before that date, which means that 580 million square meters will need to be revised.

The increasing The demand for energy-efficient office spaces is driven by the increase in energy prices, the objectives of decarbonization both at country level and in companies and the war for talent.. The desire to work in a sustainable environment is a priority for the next generation: to continue being competitive, companies will need to ensure the sustainability of their work spaces.

Un analisis más detaileda elaborated por Savills pointa que no hay suficiente oferta nueva en el pipeline para satisfier la demanda prevista de oficinas verdes. Los promoters, muy conscientes de esta demanda, así como de las rentas en los edificios certificados, han aceptado el reto. The delivery of new or rehabilitated office spaces in the 20 index cities in 2024 will be 22% higher than the annual average of the last five years.. Sin embargo, varios proyectos están en suspenso due to the increase in energy costs and supply chain interruptions.

También es probable que el ritmo de nueva construcción deminuya en el futuro due to the crescendo tendencia de reducción de las misiones de carbono en la construcción. This, in turn, will increase the pressure on the owners to improve the sustainable credentials of their buildings through rehabilitation.

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