The reason why Tesla could not sell it to Brad Pitt

The protagonists of Troy, Brad Pitt, made some mistakes that Tesla could not forgive him. What was the incident about?

If there is someone who is a living image of what is the perfection Brad Pitt. Since his appearance on the big screen, there has not been a person on the entire planet who has not been enchanted by his blue eyes, his ruby ​​smiles and his hand-carried body. However, it seems that the actor doesn’t always ha ha ha ha las cosas bien.

It’s hard to know who is Brad Pitt at this point in the story. With his great performances, his mesmerizing beauty and his gigantic bank account is something rare not to be seen, even if it is once, in some film, the series or even video of them that circulates on networks every now and then. By the way, thanks to his performance in the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywoodwith which an Oscar won as Best Actor in Reparto, has also become a meme.

But, a few years ago, there was news for an event that has little to see with his cinematographic career: a traffic accident. Several media reported, including Infobae, the actor of then 54 years old caused a shock while handling your Tesla Model S, you hit another vehicle from behind, which, due to inertia, collided with the car in front of you.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi were around and documenting the entire event, for which it was portrayed as an exchange of data by the insurer so that they could take charge of what had occurred. by suerte for Brad Pittthat event in tuvo heridos and everything was solved in the moment, so it didn’t pass the mayores.

Obviously, he sees how Pitt starred in his Tesla of about 100 thousand dollars, the people of the company of one of the most promising electric coaches in the deben haber state very contentos. By the way, it was not running at high speeds, but this vehicle could reach up to 250 km/h top speedwhich could have ended in a tragedy.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie together with the Tesla Model S

The car only suffered a few tears


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