The shocking team in the Jacob deGrom free agency sweepstakes

The MLB offseason hasn’t even started, and the race for the top names in the league are on. One of the biggest names available in the offseason is Jacob deGrom, who has publicly stated that he will test free agency in 2023. Because of that, teams like the Atlanta Braves are already gunning for the elite ace.

There’s one team, though, that is shockingly in the mix for Jacob deGrom’s services: the Texas Rangers. According to a recent report from Jon Heyman, the team could go for the Mets ace in free agency. That’s certainly an interesting move, but will it be enough to push them over the brink?

“The Rangers are intent on adding a big-time starter, and word is they may go for Jacob deGrom. Folks marvel at how MLB’s best pitcher is throwing better than ever off his 13-month layoff, and while there aren’t a lot of teams ready to take a $40 million gamble, the Rangers might.”

Jacob deGrom would certainly be an upgrade over every pitcher in the Rangers’ current rotation. The big question, though, is whether the Mets ace would be worth the price of admission… or if he’ll even consider Texas in the first place. Still, it’s worth taking a shot at a former Cy Young winner finding his past form.

The Mets won’t easily give up their ace that easily though, not to the Rangers or any other team. Despite deGrom’s decision to test free agency, New York will still try their best to keep him on the team. The only question is: how much is the team willing to offer for their long-time star?

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