The shopping employee recovered her cell phone stolen by Facebook

The shopping employee who had suffered the theft of her cell phone during her work hours managed to recover her device after her husband found it being offered for sale through Facebook. A man was under investigation, but it was not confirmed that he was a thief.

“Estaba hablando con mi jefe sobre cómo iba a trabajar ese día y me agaché unos secondsos buscar la computadora para accomodarla. Dejé el celular entre las cajas que tenía sobre el sampletor, no estaba a la vista”, the woman related to LMN.

Fue así que, luego de seguir las indications given by his superior for the development of the labor day, he tried to return to contact him, but at that moment he noticed that his telephone was not there. La mujer buscó en todo el local y no lo entuntu, por lo que se acercó a las venderas de una tienda ropa deportiva frente a su lugar trabajo.

“We called the security people and with them we went to see the security cameras and we saw how my cell phone had been stolen. Yo estaba tan concentrada en mi trabajo que ni siquiera me di cuenta de la presencia de ese hombre”, assured the woman.

With the record of the cameras, they were able to follow the delinquent’s path until the exit from the commercial center, then they did not have certain data to contribute to their complaint at the 17th Police Station, and the truth is that the surveillance images were not available either. ver características claras.

cell robado shopping

Police of Neuquén

De todas maneras, luck was clearly on the side of Justice, because a few hours later, the victim’s husband came across the woman’s cell phone being offered through the Facebook Marketplace. Before this, he showed himself interested in the device, called a meeting with the salesman for Wednesday evening at the Terminal de Ómnibus Neuquén (ETON) and notified the investigators of the 17th of his plan.

Finally, los efectivos accudieron también a la reunion pautada para la entrega del celular, y una vez que tivenon en la mira al vendante, intercedieron, identificaron y demararon al specchoso al corrobor que se tretaba del dispositivo de la empleada del shopping.

First time in the police station, the prosecutor in turn ordered the return of the cell phone to its legitimate owner and the notification of the imputation to the man, in principle for concealment for possessing a stolen object. The investigation will advance a fines de attempt to determine if it is the same person who stole the cellphone and the shopping too.

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