The SNP’s drive for independence is bad for Scottish health and wealth

SIR – Nicola Sturgeon will do anything and throw anybody under the bus in her destructive focus on independence (“Sturgeon’s Indyref2 strategy in disarray”, report, November 24).

The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC was unambiguous when it was disclosed that she “did not have the necessary degree of confidence” that a referendum vote could be held in October 2023. But this opinion from a highly regarded and experienced legal officer was not good enough. for the former lawyer Ms Sturgeon.

That the Supreme Court judgment came in a matter of weeks and not “some months”, as previously advised by Lord Reed, shows what an utter waste of taxpayers’ money and the Court’s time this charade really was.

While our health and education services are close to collapse, our islanders cannot travel and our nation is as divided as ever, the drive for independence wreaks further damage on our economy, services and people.

Richard Allison

SIR – It is a bit rich of Nicola Sturgeon and some of her senior ministers to complain that democracy has been ignored in the Supreme Court ruling against a second referendum.

When she instigated the original independence referendum, 16-year-olds in Scotland were included as legal voters, and expatriate Scots were not consulted. As 16-year-olds are not eligible to vote in general elections, and many expatriate Scots were excluded, I would question her interpretation of “democracy”.

Neville Harrison
Dormansland, Surrey

SIR – Nicola Sturgeon says the verdict of the Supreme Court exposes the “myth” that the Union is a voluntary partnership.

The referendum of 2014 gave those in Scotland the opportunity to decide whether they wished to remain in this partnership or not, and they voted decisively to remain.

Alistair Mackay
Dunoon, Argyllshire

SIR – At the Edinburgh Festival this year I attended Iain Dale’s interview with Nicola Sturgeon. It felt like an SNP rally: the audience – large and partisan – clearly adored her, and the anti-English feeling was palpable.

Mr Dale read out my question: “Does Ms Sturgeon dislike all British prime ministers on principle, or just Boris?” She replied: “All of them, because they’re undemocratic”, which was received rapturously. The anti-English, anti-Westminster tirade that followed also went down a storm.

This week’s decision by the Supreme Court will energize and infuriate Ms Sturgeon and her fan base even further. Will she and they bow out gracefully? Not a chance.

Veronica Timperley
London W1

SIR – In denying defeats in both a referendum and in court, is Nicola Sturgeon now the Donald Trump of British politics?

Alan Campbell
Bromborough, Wirral


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