TheTrade releases its new solutions for the traders

LONDON:, Sept. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TheTrade:an all-inclusive platform for trading and farming DeFi products, launches with its spot limit orders and margin trading tools.

Based on the isolated liquidity of the Uniswap v3 platform offers the traders’ favorites. limit orders and derivatives trading with different leverage but with a welcome twist. So, theTrade’s features are:

  • no trading fees on spot trading
  • no sandwich attacks
  • no slippage
  • Uniswap v3 liquidity

Further, there will be more options and features – basically, the team is focused on developing two main tools-domain for further proceedings

“The first one is comfy trading tools, for instance, popular order types, a functional terminal, and ease of use for every user, from beginner to professional. And the second one is an opportunity for the traders to use their capital more efficiently, for example, leverage farming, landing, borrowing, and staking,” says: Serhiy ChernenkoCTO, – “and also, there will be some more cool and non-standard options, including brand-new roles within DeFi.”

TheTrade also allows users to earn exclusively from their trading and investments, which means DeFi trades can limit orders and trade the derivatives market with leverage positions. With DEX, like Uniswap, users must watch the market closely and execute the order when it reaches their preferred price. Still, with TheTrade, order execution duties are delegated to executors, which is open to all the users in the Network.

New opportunities for profit

Previously, to open the limit orders on Uniswap, the users had to closely watch the market and execute the order once the asset reached the price they had set. Now, with TheTrade, order execution duties are delegated to executors. Anyone with an Ethereum account can fill the role and earn commission for their work.

And another earning possibility lies in the liquidation process. When a leveraged position gets undercollateralized, any platform’s user can take on the role of a liquidator – by calling the Trade smart contract to liquidate the position and receive a generous commission.

So, how does it work?

When a trader opens a position, they choose the asset they want to sell and the one they wish to receive. They also specify the price they are ready to pay for the former. Then, the trader signs the transaction in their crypto wallet and pays for gas and order execution fees. TheTrade smart contract places the received funds into the Uniswap v3 liquidity pool – once the price of the desired asset enters the specified range and converts into another asset, they notify the smart contract to execute the order. After that, the asset, along with a commission for providing liquidity, goes to the trader’s wallet.

Now, to open a leveraged position, the trader needs to provide an asset, choose a leverage option, and specify which asset they want to use to utilize market volatility. Then TheTrade smart contract adds the required amount by taking it out of theTrade isolated liquidity pool. If the trader’s prediction is wrong and the market goes in the opposite direction, the position has to be liquidated. And this is where any TheTrade user can take on the Liquidator role. They need to call TheTrade smart contract to liquidate the position. Once the assets are swapped back, minus losses, the smart contract returns the borrowed amount to TheTrade isolated liquidity pool. And Liquidator receives a commission.

So, it’s a win-win strategy for all the parties.

  • the trader pays the commission but receives a liquidity provider reward
  • Uniswap v3 pool gets to utilize the additional liquidity
  • the Executor receives payment for calling the smart contract to execute the order.

Bottom Line:

With all its benefits mentioned above – like no trading fees on spot trading, no sandwich attacks, no slippage – also, the platform’s advantage is being developed both for experienced crypto traders and newbies, which means new users can trade without the need to start going through hundreds of youtube videos. To purchase DeFi coins, trade, or farm it takes only a few minutes just to connect your wallet to the platform.

It’s easy to become theTraider by joining the platform via the: link: and the community on: Twitter:, Telegram:, Discord:.

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