This is what commented Steve Jobs on teletrabajo in 30 years

Teletrabajo provided by the Covid-19 dio un vuelco en muchos sentidos a la forma en la que tanto empleados como companies ente la la laborali

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14/06/2022 – 09,31hs

Teletrabajo provided by Covid-19 pandemia dio un vuelco en manyos sentidos a la forma en la que tanto empleados como companies ente la la relación con los espacios de trabajo.

Apple, as the largest of the technological giants, can make the journey work remotely during the more epidemics of pandemia, but now they are, the best of the situation, no matter what happens. Conocidos fueron los tira y afloja entre directiva y trabajadores, quienes pedín a mayor mayor mayor mayor mayor flex flex ib flex flex el g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g va va va va va va va va va va Apple wants its empleados in la offeringicina día de hoy.

As in all decisions made by Apple, it appears the figure of his cofundador caricature, Steve Jobs. Many variations that were filmed between the trainees ended up being recalled to think qué habría hecho él de encontrarse con la situación actual.

And what is the answer, as in all things, is “dependent”. The documentary and the hemeroteca may seem to be Jobs ó por distintas opiniones con respecto al teletrabajo to the largest of his car, from a bondage of more than 30 years, to another tajante in contra.

This is what commented on Steve Jobs by teletrabajo

This is what commented on Steve Jobs by teletrabajo

This is what commented on Steve Jobs by teletrabajo

Jobs was not an amethyst confederation of teletrabajo, yet a defense that could pudiera hacer A reciente article from the New York Times It’s known that Steve Jobs was not a great fan of working from home. This is what decides Jobs about: “The creation of spontaneous reunions, of discouragement to azar. We meet with algien, the prequel that is haughty, the descriptions of ‘Guau’, and ready to be combined with all kinds of ideas”.

Here you can see what Jobs apostaba por una oficina abierta, But when it was set up in Pixar and Apple, Jobs organized the work of working as a series of privately owned companies that formed a communal zone, as well as radios of a single alrederred from a center.

The job creation video is similar to the one that manifests very well during these recent years. What about the people who work from home can be discouraged from their equipments es habitual. In the meantime, working in the house of today is very different to make a day.

Teletrabajo: qué decía Steve Jobs in 1990

Sin embargo, antes of these ideas, Jobs ya habló de teletrabajo mucho antes, en an entvvista en 1990. The video adds to a title program The machine that changes the world.

All í Jobs loalaba lo siguiente: “As an example, in an organization, we are beginning to see that the mediocre of the Cambodian business conditions change more quickly and quickly with each year, We can not change our organizational structure jurisprudence very quickly, in relation to the various companies in the field of negocio. We do not have to work together for a new game every week. Tampoco podemos cambiar muy rápido nuestra organización geográfica. By hecho, it is more than just a gesture. We can not wait to get to the heart of every week. But we can change an organizational organization as well.

Teletrabajo: qué decía Steve Jobs in 1990

Teletrabajo: qué decía Steve Jobs in 1990

And what is beginning to follow is that it means that we begin to communicate these ordinances with the most sophisticated and large user interfaces, we begin to be able to create a group of people who work together in an arbitrary way every now and then geográficamente. There is no need for any tragic work. These organizations can live the time you need to recover and recover. We are discovering that we can reorganize our electronic companies with great speed “.

So that we do not know how to get people thinking about Jobs on teletrabajo hoy en día, ya que, como vemos, was the name of this job.. What you know is that it was decided in the creation of technologies that have been completely refined by what can be done now to teletrabajar.


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