This sprawling Chennai bungalow with abundant light flaunts understated luxury

It is the subtlety of details that have been brought to life in this home, christened Project Tranquil by the creators. It’s a spot of utter calm, right in the heart of the big city bustle. “There is beauty in simplicity. Good design is that which is not visible to the naked eye,” says Gayatri Gunjal, principal designer, YellowSub Studio, who undertook the internal planning and execution of this three-storey 7,600 square-foot independent bungalow in Chennai, with its landscaped garden and terraces, designed from the ground up for a family of six.

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The outdoor terrace acts as a seating lounge on the third floor and a family gathering space attached to the entertainment room. All the outdoor furniture in a neutral gray color palette has been imported from China.

Yash Jain

The homeowners’ brief was specific: an understated but luxurious color palette blended with some unique pieces that stand out beautifully against the neutrality and reflect their personal tastes. “The outcome was a fusion of the modern with a dash of tradition, designed to invite the outdoors into the indoors,” adds Gunjal whose work was supported by designer on project Damodaran MS, and in-house design execution lead Premkumar Srinivasan along with Kharche Associates, who were the principal architects for this home.

“I wanted most of our spaces to look into the outdoors and I think we’ve pulled that off,” smiles homeowner Kirti, co-founder of honey business Somras that she runs with her sister. While the entire ground floor overlooks a garden on one side and rows of planters on the other, the balcony (Kirti’s absolute favorite spot) peeks over the greens, her daughter’s room looks into a gorgeous tree, her son’s room overlooks the garden and the main bathroom leads into an open-to-sky deck.

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The son’s bedroom, the best lit spot of the home, is in a palette of crème tones with shades of gray and subdued blue. Furniture from Lifespace Home, soft furnishings from Good Earth and Ikea, and locally sourced lamps and vases complete the minimalist space.

Yash Jain


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