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The extraterrestrials star in some of the most allocated conspiracy theories, and on several occasions it has been speculated that some famous ones could be reptilians, At the same time, the scientist Nikola Tesla was also identified as an alien.

The inventor, who was born on July 10, 1856 in Croatia when an electrical storm took place, is considered one of the brightest minds in history due to his intelligence, which led him to create inventions such as the rotating magnetic field. , la correente alternates or las lámparas fluorescentes, between muchos más.

His great mental capacity put him in front of everyone’s eyes as an advanced person of his time and some came to believe that Tesla was so intelligent, that it could not be a simple coincidence, but rather belonged to another species.

The theory of the Internet, which seems to come out of a fiction belt, has several years in circulation and, indeed, there are some users who say they may have been able to reinforce it.

Was Tesla an extraterrestrial from Venus?

One of the most important questions was given by the FBI in the 1950s in a report entitled ‘Nikola Tesla part 3 of 3’, where internet users claim that the following paragraph was written.

“The ‘people of space’ visited Tesla’s engineers many times and informed us that Tesla was a Venusian, betrayed to this planet when he was a baby in 1856 in what is now Yugoslavia”.

The tiktoker @browaken returned to these writings and, as he did, many came to the conclusion that Tesla came from the planet Venus. In addition, he believed that with his knowledge and studies to manipulate energy, the scientist could work to carry out trips at the same time or open portals.

He concluded by commenting that many of Tesla’s writings and ongoing investigations disappeared and others were supposedly taken by national security, but it was not known what they hid with, raising suspicions about their origin.

His video generated attention among users who believed it could be possible to say this, because his intellect was so great that he could only explain himself in this way, which was an alien.

“Always look at something that was too ready to be human”, “Something else was wrong with Tesla’s report that was perfect for the theory that it’s alien”, “I’m sure I know many more things about them that know humanity and I could only achieve it because it wasn’t from here”, or “Brillante, Tesla could be an extraterrestrial and contribute a lot to the science of the Earth, but the reason is still a mystery”, are some opinions in the original video.

The scientist invented a UFO that could confirm its origin

Another TikTok that also explored Tesla’s creations was from @denn_alyk, which explained that, when he lived, this man made plans of a kind of UFO that looks like it came out of a space film.

This could be one of the most important inventions of the scientific, but I never had a prototype or something similar, only the bocetos that sometime I drew.

“Never mind that this is not an artifact with an anti-gravity system. We are witnessing the interior schematics of an extraterrestrial spaceship, see us.”

If the tiktoker focused on explaining how his death was planned due to his discoveries, in the comments many users hicieron emphasized on the same theme that Tesla was not born on Planet Earth.

“We wrote it all down, sure it was from another planet, I couldn’t see another reason why nothing happened”, “Tesla came from another planet because he knew a lot of things obvious le dieron cuello to quit his inventions”, ” It has only been mentioned that Elon Musk has documents on Tesla where it is said that he was not human”, or “Now there is a sense in Tesla’s intellect”, there were other points of view in his clip.

Here you can see the full video and don’t forget to share your opinion about this allocated theory.

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