Tiny house company offers solution to housing crisis

Aloft Housing Solutions builds tiny homes that maximize the efficient use of space.

As housing inequality continues to be a country-wide issue, a Niagara-based company is offering a tiny solution that could have a big impact.

Keith Gowan, president of Aloft Housing Solutions, told The Sam Laprade Show with guest host Derick Fage on Wednesday, August 3, that his company builds compact homes anywhere between 220 to 300 square feet, complete with a combination microwave, convection oven, air fryer, induction cooktop and three-piece bathroom.

“Our platform is a modular building company,” Gowan said. “But we’re focused on a flexible solution to housing.”

As a former Habitat for Humanity executive, Gowan understands not only how to construct a house but how a living space can transform a family’s life.

“Every tiny home builder really maximizes the efficient use of the space, and we’re no different,” he said, adding that every item is a precise fit, and the furniture is multi-functional.

Gowan said the company recently had a soft opening, and they’re bringing in community foundations focused on housing needs and municipal leaders to show them what tiny living is all about.

Listen to the full interview with Keith Gowan below:

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